Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top Military Officers Come Out In Support of Obama

Hillary Clinton rolled out her Generals last week in an attempt to bolster her National Security "credentials" and to bash Barack Obama, but Obama is now displaying military brass of his own. Hillary Clinton does not have a monopoly on the issues of National Security and Foreign Affairs.

The Admirals and Generals from the United States Army, Navy and Air Force have served under the last nine U.S. Presidents.

(And I see a few potential VP candidates in this group...but I doubt that they would want to go into politics).


Statements from the Commanders:
"Those of us who have served, worn the cloth of our nation, and gone into harm's way know that to be successful we must have the strongest sense of trust in our Commander in Chief. We must be confident that he or she has listened to the best possible advice, that he or she has garnered the best possible information from all possible sources, that he or she has analyzed and weighed all the possible consequences and outcomes, and that he or she has made the decision to exert military force as a last possible resort," said Admiral (Ret.) Robert Williamson (USN). "Of this I am certain: Senator Obama will do all of those things and much more to ensure the safety and freedom of our citizens, our allies, and coalition partners. He has all the great qualities and attributes required to carry out the most difficult duties of the Presidency".

Brigadier General Larry Gillespie
Major General Scott Gration (USAF-Ret)
Admiral Don Guter
Brigadier General David "Dave" McGinnis
General Merrill "Tony" McPeak
Admiral John B. Nathman
Major General Hugh Robinson
Brigadier General James Smith
Admiral Robert "Willie" Williamson (USN-Ret Rear Admiral)
Major General Ralph Wooten

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Comments from Obama:

As President, I will ask myself every day whether I am serving our troops and veterans as well as they have served America. That means only sending them into harm’s way when we absolutely must; providing them with a clear mission and the equipment they need to do the job; standing by them when they come home; and helping them live their dreams after they leave the service.

Like the men who have joined me on this stage today, my story is only possible in America. It is the story of my grandfather, who marched in Patton’s Army; and my father, who crossed the globe to be a part of the dream that my grandfather defended. An America that secures its people, and stands as a light of hope for the world.

That is the America that I will defend as Commander-in-Chief, drawing on the counsel of military commanders and the courage and conviction of the American people. An America where we meet the challenges of the 21st century with sound judgment, clear plans, and a common purpose.

After years of a divisive politics that uses national security as a wedge to drive us apart, how much longer do we have to wait to bring this country together to confront our common enemies?

After years of being told that Democrats have to talk, act and vote like John McCain to pass some Commander-in-Chief test, how many times do we have to learn that tough talk is not a substitute for sound judgment?

After years of a war in Iraq that should’ve never been authorized, how many more politicians will appeal to the American peoples’ fears instead of their hopes?

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