Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Media Helping Clinton Once Again - No Surprise

Lou Dobbs on CNN:

"Hillary Clinton has made a comeback of significant proportions"

She'll likely win Ohio and Texas.... States that she WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN ALL ALONG!!!

It was only in the last 3 weeks that Ohio and Texas became competitive.

But now the media is piling on Obama...

The psychological bullshit is already beginning.

In order for Obama to secure the nomination, he will have to face the Clinton beast head on...and play dirtier than she is playing. I see a replay of John Kerry taking shape....with Clinton in the role of the Republicans in 2004 (no surprise).

Obama has to bring up some old Clinton scandals....and force the beast to release her tax returns. He started out good with his response to John McCain...then he faded. He has to learn to keep both Clinton and McCain on the ropes...once he corners them... he can't afford to let up for one minute. He has to throw out scandal after scandal...to keep Clinton on the defensive.

He must also turn the race and religion argument on its head... and defuse it as a weapon that Clinton and McCain can use against him. He must address his religion and point out to voters exactly what Clinton is trying to do...and he must tell voters not to respond to the fearmongering.

Otherwise.... Obama may see his hopes for the nomination slip away.


Faith said...

Yeah. I agree. It was crazy to flip from CNN and hear someone say the delegates didn't count in reference to Obama's higher count and turn to FOX and hear someone else say Obama was 'highfalutin'. I just read on another blog how Obama supporters need to get more aggressive by posting his policies and being strategic. It's his race to lose. I'll be really disappointed if he lets HRC play dirty and 'win' because then we lose.

rikyrah said...


Good Post, and Obama won Texas. Period. But, you're always on the money.