Saturday, March 08, 2008

Obama Wins Wyoming Caucus


Obama - 61%
Clinton - 38%

Congratulations, Senator Obama.

He picked up 7 delegates.

Update: He picked up 8 delegates - this includes Newly Elected Superdelegate Bill Foster, who just won former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert's seat.

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The Angry Independent said...

After all of the race baiting (which finally started to take a toll on Obama last week), I was a little concerned about Wyoming.

This is a good sign.

Hopefully he can do well in Mississippi Tomorrow.

This should shut up some of Hillary's media allies...
But what I am noticing is that the pro-Clinton media establishment seems to be working hard to ignore Wyoming and Mississippi. To them, only the few very large States matter....ignoring the fact that this is a 50 State process (including U.S. Territories & voters abroad).

When Obama wins...there is no media hype... when Clinton wins... all of a sudden, she has won the nomination and Obama should quit (although he's in the lead, lol). This is really outrageous stuff!

I predict that you won't hear a peep about Wyoming or Mississippi this week, nor will you hear about it in the 6 weeks between now and Pennsylvania. Clinton is still getting positive and free news coverage from March 4th... They will fail to mention that Obama has a two State winning streak headed into Pennsylvania.... NOPE. It's going to be all about Clinton.

Just like we have not heard much of anything about who actually won more delegates out of Texas. Most Americans are walking around with the belief that Clinton won more delegates out of Texas. She only gained a very small handful of delegates from the entire night... But the media (as I expected) is still spinning March 4th as Hillary's big breakout win...where she trounced Obama.

This stuff is driving me crazy.