Monday, March 10, 2008

Clinton Caught Exaggerating Her Experience

More like "lying" as far as I'm concerned. I have been saying for months that Clinton was attempting to embellish her Resume.

I knew that if the media started to shake the Clinton Tree.... Lies would come tumbling down. And it turns out, there's an abundance of lies and exaggerations that Clinton has been getting away with for the past year. This is a case of the media (at least some in the media) coming on board far too late, following up on arguments that bloggers have been making for a long time.

Clinton's claim that she brought Peace to Northern Ireland has turned out to be a gross exaggeration a damn lie. As well as her claim that she worked on ending the genocide in Rwanda.... This is another big fat lie. The Clinton's didn't do a damn thing about Rwanda. (see the documentary "Ghosts of Rwanda").

The Chicago Tribune has started to take a look at Hillary Clintons "experience".

NPR was the first major media outlet to even question Clintons "experience" claims. No one in the corporate media has been brave enough to actually report the facts until now. They have been too busy cheerleading for Clinton, instead of being impartial truthtellers.

Oliver Willis has posted a hilarious Hillary Clinton Resume that is sadly much closer to the truth than Clintons embellishments.

She has also claimed that she is a National Security expert and that she knows the military (she doesn't know a damn thing about the military). She has no connection to the military- the military is a different World to her. Neither Clinton has ever served. And I doubt if she could tell you the difference between a Company, a Regiment, a Battalion, a Division, Corps, or Army, nor does she know the Chain of Command, or anything about the U.S. military's capabilities, weapons systems, or limitations, the various commands, or the rankings...I doubt if she could hold a conversation about any of this (without someone playing ventriloquist).

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