Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Study Reveals Media Bias Against Obama

Folks who have been paying attention should already be aware of this.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism just released the data. See Report from The Daily Kos.

It has been clear for weeks that the media has been attempting to help Hillary Clinton.

And unfortunately if looks like the dirty politics are paying off for Clinton. According to reports, many observers believe that Obama's momentum may have been blunted. Americans tend to respond more to negative politics than to positive politics. So it's no surprise that Clinton decided to go negative. It's the same reason why Republican strategists choose dirty tricks, and lying, over a more positive message.

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Shazza Nakim said...

Part of my academic background is in Communication and in my understanding is that like all things connected to Human Perception, that often Perception is Reality. This is why it is very important to have a fair and balance reporting system, a check and balances even in the media.

With so many media channels owned by single owners, the ability and limits to give opposing opinions and facts are quickly disappearing, BUT we can still find them.

Since the Internet is growing exponentially, the amount of information is growing beyond the ability to absorb. So is the amount to tainted information.

Lets just say that When Hillary was the front-runner, she received her share of Bad Press and exaggerations of facts. Those watching blamed the press for having Gender Bias and coming down TOO HARD because Hillary is a Clinton and not looking at Obama enough and blaming Obama for fostering the bad press.

Fast forward six months and now Obama is the front-runner with the media sources paying close attention to everything from his Religion, back door NAFTA deals to Skin Color. Each new story is blamed on the Clintons or the media bring Racially bias.

As a writer, there is always a source. No story published or shown on television can be taken as legitimate unless you have a source. Even for Blogs. Some are based in OPINION and others in RESEARCH.

JUST BE CAREFUL PEOPLE .. much of what’s posted it exaggerated opinion which is as bad as GOSSIP.