Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CENTCOM Commander, Admiral William Fallon Resigns-Perk Up Those Ears for the Drumbeats

CENTCOM Commander Admiral William Fallon resigned today.

Why this is bad news.

Well, from the beginning, tinfoil hat wearers like myself thought it was patently absurd that a NAVY MAN was brought in as ANYTHING dealing with Iraq. Always saw him being brought in as someone WHO WOULD BE OVER THE ATTACK ON IRAN, which would come FROM THE SEA, thus getting around that not-so-small problem of our ground troops BEING STRETCHED TO THE LIMIT.

According to those in the know - Fallon was known as a believer that the indefinite Iraq occupation was slowly wrecking the US military.

One of the things that has always scared me most about Shrub and The Evil One was them having 'nothing to lose'. I thought we had dodged a serious bullet with the NIE report coming out like that. It stopped their funnelling of lies and propaganda to the MSM.

But, with this resignation, I dunno. Did Fallon stand up for himself and refuse to take part in something he knows is going to be wrong for the country and the military?

Are the drumbeats of attack on Iran beginning all over again?

I don't know, but keep a lookout. They are insane enough to attack Iran.


The Angry Independent said...

Thanks for grabbing this one Rikyrah... Probably the most interesting story of the day.

And yes... the first thing that I thought of was that he was an obstacle (a voice of reason) when it came to military action against Iran. He refused to be a puppet for Cheney & the neo-cons.

But none of the top regional commanders, the service Chiefs, nor their Chairman, are really crazy about the idea of a war with Iran.... however, they may be less willing to show enough backbone to oppose it.

I am hoping that the clock will run out on Bush & Co.

But then again... they may see an attack on Iran as a way to help McCain in November.

But the Democrats may end up beating the wardrums as well. Certainly Hillary Clinton would be open to the idea of war with Iran (as she has indicated several times). Obama, under pressure to show his committment to Israel, may eventually be forced to do something militarily.

A war with Iran would be a catastrophe.... it could possibly lead to a global conflict. Once it starts... there may not be a way to stop, or predict the consequences. And talk about $3.50 per gallon gas.... try $5,$6, $7.00per gallon if the U.S. launches a war against Iran.

Perhaps Fallon could be a running mate for Obama.

Yobachi said...

I think he was forced out for dissenting on war with Iran, probably as well as other things.