Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lies And Consequences

It looks like Margaret B. Jones, author of the so-called "critically acclaimed" gang memoir "Love and Consequences" has turned out to be a major fraud.

See Report from the New York Times

Has the world of book publishing really become this much of a joke Or is this an aberration? Can anyone get published by a major publisher?

I think the issue here is that Penguin books was so eager to gain clout in the World of Black "Thug Literature" and to profit from Black death, that they failed to use the kind of caution and scrutiny that they might have normally used. This is not the kind of book that I would read. And the people who buy this garbage are contributing to the "Thug Literature" madness.
What's even more annoying is the fact that this book appeared to be another effort to glorify the Thug & Gang Culture.

The author turns out to be Margaret "Peggy" Seltzer, a well-to-do white woman who was never a Foster kid and never experienced the trauma that she so vividly recalled in her book. Not only do you have an author attempting to profit from the Black crime culture, but you have a major publisher complicit in the deal, also attempting to profit from it. It's great that they were busted.

But I wonder about all of the legitimate authors who were turned down by this publisher. What about all of the young minority authors who probably had more positive stories to tell about their life experiences? How many were turned away, especially during the time when editors were working on this particular book? There seems to be more of an interest in publishing material that highlights the worst aspects of the "Black race".

And what is it about Whites who seem so eager to identify with the thug culture? I'm Black and I do all I can everyday to rebuke & reject this culture and to be the opposite of the stereotypes that the Black thug culture creates for the rest of Black people (Black men in particular). It is because of that culture that I hate being in my own skin. Yet, so many people are willing to do just about anything to be a part of the thug/criminal street culture, including many Whites. What is so cool about this nonsense? It's baffling. But then again, perhaps it should not be such a surprise considering how hard this lifestyle is pushed by the Rap/Hip Hop industry.

Hear how convincing Margaret Seltzer was in an interview she gave just a few days ago on NPR's OnPointRadio program.


UPDATE: Tom Ashbrook wipes the Egg from his face after being duped by the author of "Love(Lies) and Consequences". The host responds for first time since the interview with Seltzer. Listen Here.


UPDATE 2: Hear two short segments on this topic from NPR's News and Notes program. Listen Here: Segment 1 and segment 2.

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Andre said...

Good look on this article AI.

I think we all knew to some extent that thug life acheived some inexplicable mainstream validation; leaving well to-do white folks eagered to jump aboard. But I would've never guessed IN A MILLION YEARS that somebody would've been brave enough to put their perpin' in print. Hahaha!

Maybe next time she'll file crap like this under "fiction" where it belongs...

The Angry Independent said...

You have to hear that interview.

She had Tom Ashbrook & the radio listeners completely enthralled.

Andre said...

I hate to admit it: but she sounds INCREDIBLY convincing. Maybe it's because she had millions of reasons ($$$) to make her story sound as plausible as possible.

On a side note: I wonder if she would've received the same "rave reviews" if she initially indicated that this piece was fictitious...?

The Angry Independent said...

It's amazing how the media (esp. the major papers) were duped on this one.

All of this effort to get the worst of Black life into the spotlight... while legitimate authors have to deal with a media blackout... they can't get a review or get on the radio.

The media should also be held accountable for this kind of lapse.

Wary said...

Just a Big Ole Liar

Her older sister set the record straight with the publisher. Seems this girl is your run of the mill pathological liar. She even lied about having graduated from some university in Oregon, where she now resides. Lied to her publisher for three straight years. That woman reportedly has said that there was NEVER a crack in her story. Even had them folk thinking she needed money for her utilities.

Don't know how she thought the lie would persist with the pending book tour, which was recently cancelled.

Simply bizarre. Maybe even sociopathic...seriously.

damien said...

I must say that the thug/criminal street culture isn't a black thing it's an american thing that is why they "whites" enjoy it so much... some white people like to see themselves emulated yet blame the causes on us. Like the title of your blog.. that "culture" is just a mirror of america.
Instead of suits and ties it jeans and tees... if it wasn't for the blatant sex and drugs the white kids would just enjoy being business men yet all the while doing the same things yet on a larger scale.
It's an american problem yet americans can't see the forest for the trees.

J.R. LeMar said...

Wow. Never heard of this story. That's straight-up crazy!

I agree with most of the article, except this comment:

"I'm Black and I do all I can everyday to rebuke & reject this culture and to be the opposite of the stereotypes that the Black thug culture creates for the rest of Black people (Black men in particular). It is because of that culture that I hate being in my own skin."

I used to kind of feel that way, and go out of my way to try to prove that I wasn't one of "those" Black guys. But it was too much stress, trying to constantly live my life for other people. I just try to make it through the day, the best I can. If that's not good enough for some people, that's not my problem.

So definitely don't let that nonsense make you "hate your own skin."