Saturday, August 26, 2006

Russell Simmons Campaigning for Michael Steele

Russell Simmons helping Republicans in next election cycle. Genius move by Republicans.

Russell Simmons campaigning for Michael Steele.

Report from Eurweb.

Report from the Washington Post

Simmons fighting for the best interest of poor folks, or for the best interest of the wealthy (like himself)?

This is why the country is probably better off with the rap community staying out of politics.

And poor minorities should stop depending on either party to help them. They have to become self reliant.

It seems that every few decades, Blacks switch their loyalty from one party to the other and back again. And look at where that has led them. Not very far at all.

And as for the rap industry..... are these thugs (rap moguls) really concerned with the plight of poor minorities, or are they just concerned about their own careers? I think they enjoy the news coverage that they get, and ride it as far as they can.

I remember "vote or die" from one of the other Hip Hop Hustlers (in the words of Mr. Cosby), but never heard anything after that in terms of follow-up.

What do I mean by follow-up? In terms of "follow-up" I am referring to voter education programs, voter registration drives all year round, developing new political parties and political movements, providing educational programming on networks like the dreaded BET in place of the butt shaking, naked women videos.....but I don't recall seeing any of that from Mr. Powder Puff.

These thug moguls need to find a rock to crawl under, rather than playing the role as spokespersons for a race of people. White folks get confused about this stuff and assume that people like Simmons speak for all Black people. Simmons and Puffy Combs are the kinds of images that I have to fight against and separate myself from everyday.

I'm all for personal responsibility, which is what the Republicans always preach, however, i'm not sold on the idea that Republicans are really concerned about issues impacting minorities, the poor, or for anything having to do with social justice or fairness in government. Republicans can talk all they want about reaching out to minorities and being concerned about the less fortunate, or even the "common man"....but their policies paint a different picture. This is the part that people seem to miss. People must look at the actual policies and the actions of these politicians, instead of listening to the rhetoric that they give. Deeds/Actions speak louder than words. Republicans talk a good game, but usually blow smoke.

Democrats are not much better when it comes to keeping their word after campaign season. But in a political system that gives you the choice between the Demon and the Devil, which would you rather have?

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The Angry Independent said...

Is this a creative move by Simmons to get more from the Democratic Party and to hold Democrats accountable?

Some people will suggest that this is the case.