Saturday, August 26, 2006

Iran Rejects U.S. & UN Demands

What will be the next move for the UN?

Report from USA Today.

Iran Starts New Nuclear Reactor, in defiance of United Nations.

Options for the U.S. are limited when it comes to dealing with Iran. Iran has political/economic advantage in this dispute.


The U.S. is considering bypassing the UN to deal with Iran. Another "Coalition of the Willing" idea. BEWARE! The U.S. is looking at an alternative route because the UN is reluctant to take action.

In an unbelievable related story.... Valerie Plame was working on gathering intelligence about Iranian WMD when her name & status as an agent was leaked. This is interesting because members of Congress and some officials in the White House are now complaining about a lack of intelligence about Iran.
If they wouldn't play games with the nations intelligence sources, then perhaps they would have more information about Irans nuclear technology program and the intentions of the Iranian government.

This is why members of this administration should be held accountable for that intelligence leak.

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