Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Artist Spotlight: Deniece Williams

Artist Spotlight: Deniece Williams

They just don't make singers like this anymore.

Deniece Williams is one of my favorite singers from the past. Although she is still singing, she no longer does "secular" music.

Definitely one of the Greatest of All Time in terms of Soul Singers from the 70's and 80's. One of about a dozen female singers who truly provided the soundtrack of the 70's and 80's and set the standard for how Soul Singing is done.

She started out singing behind Stevie Wonder, alongside Minnie Riperton, in the backup group called Wonderlove. Stevie has launched a few big careers in his time.


Partial Discography

Songs (Right Click & Open in New Window)

If You Don't Believe

Waiting By The Hotline

Baby My Loves All For You

That's What Friends Are For

Cause You Love Me Baby

Do What You Feel

Too Much Too Little Too Late w/ Johnny Mathis



See a very young Deniece Williams singing behind Stevie Wonder with Wonderlove....


Felix Taylor, Jr. said...

Glad she's still out there. I remember her Footloose song, "Let's Hear it for the Boy." Great song, great singer.

The Angry Independent said...

She's great isn't she...

Yeah I remember that soundtrack pretty well... Grew up hearing that one all the time.

She's still active in the gospel music genre.