Friday, August 18, 2006

Are Republican Efforts to Reach Black Voters Genuine?

Or are they just a ploy to weaken Black support for Democrats?

Commentator Lester Spence gives his take on this issue. Listen Here.

He makes an interesting argument. I share many of his concerns…and he lays them out clearly.
He sees through all the fog and B.S. I only wish the rest of America was able to see through the fog.

We are in 2006, and many Americans still believe that Iraq attacked us on 9/11. (scroll down to the report about the Zogby survey, showing Americans lack information about basic facts). This is what we are up against.

I always recognized that Republican efforts to get the Black vote were really part of a wider strategy to split/weaken the Black vote for Democrats in key elections. This has been part of the Karl Rove strategy for quite some time..... genius on their part I must say. Not that I love the Democrats... The Democrats are not much better for the country right now.

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