Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Black Capital Hill Police Officers Speak Out!

Watch video of Black Capital Hill Police Officers Speaking out secretly about the racism that they endure in the work environment of the U.S. Capital.

They also speak about the incident involving Cynthia McKinney and the Capital Hill Police Officer earlier this year. I still believe that McKinney was wrong (and that won't change) but their statements change the perspective.

I am also getting a better understanding of what the work environment is like there. Being in the security industry myself and having a good understanding of Security operations, I see that the Capital Police force operates much more like a Private Security organization rather than a true Police force.

The things that they have to do for these Congress Members (the ass kissing) is disgusting. Remembering all members of Congress by face and name??? With all the hundreds of people going in and out of the Capital, and with the environment being so tense, I can tell you from experience that such a task is impossible.

This tells me that the U.S. Capital is not well protected at all. Not due to the Capital Police, but due to the politicized working environment that has reduced the Capital Police down to nothing more than a glorified security guard operation.

EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS....AND EVERYONE ENTERING THE CAPITAL should be REQUIRED, to provide ID when asked. Members of Congress should be treated like anyone else, in my opinion. This kind of work environment is not condusive to providing proper security for such a facility. All a criminal (including a Terrorist) would have to do is just pretend to be a politician or blend in with them, and they could possibly gain access to the U.S. Capital.

Anyway, here is the video, titled The Last Plantation (Quicktime Video).
If you don't have Quicktime software, view a youtube version here.

The Term The Last Plantation refers to the U.S. Capital.
I can relate to much of what they talk about in my own work experiences.

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