Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cornel West Speech

Listen to Cornel West Speech from the Union Theological Seminary in New York City, where he once taught. The speech was part of an event earlier this year to honor Barry Ulanov.

Listen to Part I of the speech.

Listen to Part II of the speech (A question and answer segment)

Previous Cornel West Speeches

1. Speech From the St. Sabina Church in Chicago. Listen Here. Give program a chance to load.

2. Watch Video of speech from North Carolina A&T University. Part of an HBCU event.

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D.Large said...

This comment is not about West's speech but directed to you. It troubles me read your words about hating yourself because you are black. I realize the current pop/rap culture has problems. I do not like it myself. But we have a lot more to be proud of as a people than what rap represents. I copied you statements to my blog and I am going to do a article addressing your concerns. You are welcome to visit my blog at truthatlarge.blogspot.com