Thursday, August 10, 2006

Egyptian Students Disappear After Entering U.S.

11 Egyptian Students Disappear After Arriving in the U.S.

The U.S. Has Still Not Fixed One of the Main Vulnerabilities that Led to the 9/11 Disaster.

I have been saying for years that the Immigration entry programs should be overhauled, particularly the student visa programs. Nothing was done after 9/11 to tighten or restrict this program. This gaping hole in U.S. Security remains, 5 years after 9/11.

This is why the Visa programs should be cutback. Student Visas should be limited or eliminated for certain sensitive parts of the world. I know this is controversial, but I see few other choices.

However, I have proposed in the past, several alternatives. The U.S. government should encourage U.S. schools to make courses available to foreign students, by building campuses Asia and Europe. Courses could also be offered through online programs. If foreign students want to attend a U.S. College or University, they should have that opportunity. However, it does not necessarily mean that they must come to U.S. soil to accomplish that goal. There are several U.S. Universities that already have campuses overseas. This concept could simply be expanded to accommodate more students.

One of the main complaints of U.S. schools has been that they would lose revenue. This is overblown. I am not suggesting that ALL student Visa programs should be eliminated. They should be severely cutback or eliminated for Students from certain countries, where we know there is an increased threat to the United States. Anything less than this is negligence on the part of the U.S. government.

For those few student Visas that would be allowed from sensitive parts of the world (in my plan) those students would be investigated more extensively. This would be the purpose of limiting the number of applicants- to allow U.S. authorities to ensure that the remaining Visa applicants are properly vetted. Currently this is not happening. U.S. Consulate offices around the world are handing out U.S. Visas like candy, just as they were before 9/11. This provides easy access for Terrorists who wish to enter the United States. Incidents like this one, involving the Egyptian students, apparently occur several times a year.

This is why I say that Bush & Co. is blowing a lot of smoke when they tell the American people that they are working hard to protect the nation in the so-called War On Terror.

The U.S. is not much safer now than it was before 9/11.


Article On the 11 Egyptian Students.

As of today at least 3 have been located and taken into custody. Search still on for remaining 8 subjects.

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