Tuesday, August 01, 2006

57 Civilians Killed In Lebanon

More Consequences of the madness taking place in the Middle East.
I hate that as an American, my tax dollars are financing the bombs and warplanes that are involved in the killing of innocent people, in this increasingly crazy and mindless war in Lebanon.

Dozens of women and children were killed in the attack in Qana, Lebanon. They had gone there for shelter to escape the Israeli attacks.

Democracy Now has more on this story. Video/Audio Available.

After 2 weeks of bombing, has Israel reached any meaningful objectives???? Other than killing Arabs? No, they have not accomplished anything. Why? Because, as I have been saying all along, you cannot defeat terrorism, militants, and extremism with this kind of warfare. IT HAS NEVER WORKED, AND NEVER WILL. When will the U.S. and Israel learn this lesson? In fact, war only creates more terrorists. SEE PREVIOUS POST ON THE BACKLASH OF U.S./ISRAELI POLICY.

Let's see.... after 2 weeks of bombing Lebanon into the Stone Age, has Israel gotten its 2 soldiers back? NO!

Has Israel been able to stop the rocket attacks against Northern Israel? NO!

After all of this... where are we? Israel now contradicts its earlier statements that it would not have a significant ground invasion by saying today that it would be launching a larger ground operation.

I believe that this was the plan all along. And i'm becoming more convinced that this is part of a larger plan between Israel and the U.S. to put more pressure on Syria and Iran...and perhaps set the stage for military confrontation with both. U.S. pro-war politicians (the famous neocons) would love nothing more than to attack Iran or Syria.


More on this from our friend the African American Pundit.

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