Sunday, August 13, 2006

Major News Still Unfolding About Foiled Terror Plot

The story keeps growing and growing. I heard a report late on Saturday that described the scope of the case. By the time this is said and done, we could be talking about 50-100 people involved from at least 4 or 5 different countries.

SIDE THOUGHT: If they have such a huge jackpot of info/intel.... why can't they find Bin Laden??? SOMEONE in this plot knows where the Al Qaeda leadership is hiding, IF in fact this was a plot that sprouted from Al Qaeda itself. But then again, what some people fail to understand about Al Qaeda is that it is no longer a central well defined organization. It's more like a movement that encourages others to go out on their own....under the Al Qaeda banner. So having contact with OBL probably wouldn't be necessary...HOWEVER, with that said, I still believe that (if it's Al Qaeda) someone would have to know something about the whereabouts of the worlds most wanted terrorists. This operation appeared to be too big and too sophisticated for any other possibility.

This plot also had to be well financed. Just the idea of doing a "dry run" on planes for example, has a cost of several thousand dollars for airline tickets. So it leads to the idea that someone else may have been providing money. Follow the money and it always leads you to the right suspects.
I think Bin Laden is either in Pakistan in a safe house, OR he has left that region entirely and has set up shop in Africa or someplace where authorities would not think to look (such as on an island or on a ship...where no one would find him). It's interesting how the fear mongering starts right around election time...and Bin Laden sort of pops up. This has happened in about 3 election cycles now. The Bush administration has been a gift to Al Qaeda in my opinion.... helping the AQ and Jihadist movements grow by unimaginable proportions. And conversely...AQ has been somewhat of a gift to the Bush administration, allowing Bush & Co. to have a boogeyman to point to so that Americans stay afraid, and as a way to distract attention from disastrous strategies and policies in Iraq.

We shall see. A lot of information on this current plot story will come out over the next few weeks.

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Anonymous said...

I don't believe this story is fabricated, but you are right. It is intersting that these stories do seem to pop up near elections. This way Republicans can say that their ideas are working and we are indeed safer. It also allows them to point at Democratic candidates and say they don't care about your safety if they oppose the Republicans.