Sunday, August 13, 2006

Future Blog Entries

Whenever I get the time to comment (this is why I badly need Co-Bloggers).... I spend so much time keeping up with current events (because everything is happening so fast in the world) that I don't have time to do personal/professional commentaries.

But Future Blog Topics That I Hope to Get To:

1. Airport Security and the current issue of banned liquids. I used to run the Security checkpoints at the St. Louis International Airport (in the early-mid 1990's) and have some personal/professional opinions on this subject. I worked in this capacity long before 9/11.... but the issues still remain. These risks have been known for many years. I will briefly mention some of my experiences and the risks that are still out there (without helping any would-be nuts out there who may want to do something crazy).

2. My experiences last month that had me offline for a week or two. I called it a mini-crisis, lol. More like a serious pain in the ass. Unbelievable story.... Perfect for a blog entry. It is all connected to new Homeland Security requirements (which I am glad are in place.... they just have idiots who are implementing the policies). Still trying to get it all straightened out.

3. The likely scenario with the upcoming crisis with Iran. I have hit this topic a couple of times... but I really want to get into some more detailed analysis of the situation. AMERICANS DON'T HAVE A CLUE OF WHAT COULD BE COMING!

4. A few movie summaries/reviews.

A couple of films that come to mind are Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (I think this is the title ? It's an independent film about the state of politics in the United States), and Smoking Aces. I usually don't really pay much attention to silly Hollywood productions... but 'Smoking Aces' has Alicia Keys in the cast (My Dream Woman *cough*). All bets are off, lol. I'm going to mention it.

I usually stick to serious films, independent films/documentaries.

5. More music playlists.... also want to do some artist spotlights. (time consuming however).

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