Thursday, March 05, 2009

US Threatens Boycott of UN Racism Conference?

From Voice of America:

US Threatens Boycott of UN Racism Conference
By VOA News
28 February 2009K

U.S. officials say the United States will not participate in a United Nations conference on racism this year unless a draft version of the meeting's final report is drastically changed.

The U.S. State Department issued a statement Friday about the World Conference Against Racism, saying U.S. representatives will be unable to attend the conference, due to open in about two months (April 20-25) in Geneva.

The draft of a final document for the conference has already been circulated among U.N. member nations. The State Department said the draft in its current form is not salvageable. American envoys say it would limit freedoms of religion and speech and would unfairly label Israel's policies as racist.

Now, let me get this straight. We're threatening to boycott this conference because of ISRAEL?



Here we go again, letting the 51st state dictate foreign policy for this country.



Why do I feel AIPAC's hands ALL OVER THIS?

Rahm Emmanuel's hands all over this?


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Citizen Ojo said...

If there is a conference we need to attend it's this one. We need to send 3 delegations at least. Wait a minute is that even possible? Any way send Condoleezza Rice as well. Maybe she can learn something.

Ricketson said...

I doubt that Emanuel has much to do with this. The American alliance with Israel is long-standing policy.

Anyway, the previous declaration was clearly singling out Israel for political reasons. Israel surely has problems, but that doesn't change the fact that this conference is a political show.

Ricketson said...

I found the original Durban declaration, and I was wrong about it's political agenda. The comments on Israel are sparse and balanced.

Brian said...

I can't understand it. This kind of craziness gives me a headache.

The Israeli Lobby is way too powerful.... The U.S. has basically signed its sovereignty over to Israel.

You haven't seen anything yet. Wait until Netanyahu takes over as Prime Minister. He intends (and he's been pretty open about this) to drag the U.S. into an all out military confrontation with Iran.

Obama will play lapdog like every other U.S. President. Why? Because they are beholden to powerful Jewish Political and Business interests here in the United States. (That's why I have stressed the point that foreign policy could easily trump and sink Obama's domestic agenda...and thus sink the Country).

Clinton has even more loyalty to Israel. It's disturbing.

That's why we really needed a Chas Freeman type as Secretary of State (more of a true what I called for). Instead what we got was "Neo-Con Lite". Still the same Foreign Policy Bull----.... just less filling.

And that window dressing with Russia was annoying to watch. With no fundamental change on either side... especially the U.S. side... and without a recognition that the U.S. can't always play global cop (and shouldn't)... Russia-U.S. relations will continue to deteriorate. I hate photo ops with no substance (and Clinton is known for it).

The U.S. and Russia are still on a collision course in the long term. Once Georgia and Ukraine enter NATO...that will be all she wrote IMO. Within a year or two after that...military hostilities will break out (Russia and Georgia exchange fire on a regular basis....and have for the past 17 years). Why anyone in their right mind would want Georgia in NATO is a mystery to me. Georgia itself...with its rag tag military and inadequate hardware...offers nothing to NATO. In fact, it would be more of a negative...more of a liability to have them included.

Ukraine is another hot spot. Russia will someday take the Crimean Peninsula via military force....most people in the region are Russians (culturally)...and Russia also wants to maintain its bases there.

The whole NATO expansion talk is pretty crazy and suicidal. That's why many NATO countries are opposed to the idea.

That "reset button" was nonsense... because nothing fundamentally changed from the Bush Admin. foreign Obama's. There are some differences around the edges... but essentially...nothing of any real significance has changed so far. I will be watching to see how things go over the next few months.