Friday, March 27, 2009

The No Snitching Culture Still Holding Black Communities Hostage

An NPR report from this week shows how this culture is still being embraced by the "Black Community". It may have played some role in the killings of 4 Police officers in Oakland California just a few days ago.

What will it take for Blacks to stop contributing to the deterioration of their own neighborhoods? I have always suggested that Police Departments and States should have more creative and more accessible programs that would allow witnesses to report anonymously and that could provide protections. But even in cities where programs are available, Blacks still tend to avoid cooperation with Police.

Much of this has been brought on by the Cancer called Rap Music....and the Hip Hop culture.


Theo said...

I think the problem is image (or ego). People are afraid that if their image is identified as a 'snitch' then they will be vilified in their community. I deal with this daily with high school students I tutor and teach. In my opinion, snitching can be compared to tattling. Meaning, unnecessary information provided for the sole purpose of screwing over someone that you don't like. But speaking with the police or an authority figure about a crime that you witnessed or a crime that was perpetrated on you isn't snitching. I think we have a lot of people that could be blamed for the stupid 'stop snitching' campaign.

I don't know if you heard Cam'ron who said he wouldn't even tell the cops if a serial killer lived in his building and he witnessed his crimes. What the F$%k? How does this make any sense? Our community needs to squash this ignorance. If you help the criminals escape, then why can't you see that THAT is causing your neighborhood to decline into crime? Common Sense...that is what we need.

Paradigm said...

Never forget the Dawson Family!

A family of 7, a real black family, mother and father, hard working had the audacity to refuse to share a wall w/ a crackhouse. Went to the police anonymously and complained. Their house was firebombed, not once because that didn't do the job but twice! Killing 7 people, a mother a father and 5 kids!

My anger is equally split between the people who look at the hip hop culture as some sort of revolution of thought and conscious, the ignorant who follow this line of thinking, the nihilistic murderers who roam our streets and the f***ing cops who couldn't keep these courageous people safe.
F*** em all!

In fairness to the cops in Baltimore they did try to relocate the family.

Oh and a very special F YOU to one Carmello Anthony who appeared in the "Stop Snitch'n" campaign that had the unmitigated GAUL to release that trashy video and start that movement IN RESPONSE to the killing of a black family by these criminals.

There, I'm done.