Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ed Henry's Bitchslap by President Obama

No matter how CNN tried to spin it, here is what ACTUALLY happened:

from ebogan

That was the President cooly snappin' on Henry's azz. It was like Henry was made to get a branch from the back woods so's grandma could beat his azz with it. Loved how some in the press laughed at him for being so stupid.


Paradigm said...

After enduring all the bulls*** coming from the hip-hop community for so long hearing the man speak is like a cool breeze on a hot Vegas day.

I'm still critical of some of his moves but I can't help but well up w/ pride everytime I hear him speak.

Still can't believe I'm alive to witness this.

Anonymous said...

we must be watching something totally different, I only saw Obama fumble through a speech he tried to remember. Obama chose this position, he didn't inherit nothing that was facing the nation, just like they said with Bush, he should have known what he was getting into. sorry I didn't see any bitchslapping here

Nelvis said...

I agree with emptysuit, he basically skated around the AIG question.

Investing in healthcare sounds great, but what's the point when the healthcare system as a whole has be revamped.

Brian said...

I think the answer he gave was a legitimate one. While he didn't want to go into great detail about AIG, it was probably the most prudent thing to do....since it's a delicate issue that is still being worked out. One misquoted or misinterpreted comment can wreak havoc right now. Just ask Geithner.... he damn near tanked the U.S. dollar this week because perhaps he spoke on an issue a little too soon.

The WH Press - and certain big networks- wants to play "Gotcha"... that's all well and good... but they are about 10 years too late. They should have been in a "Gotcha" mood back when Bush and Cheney were selling us out... raping us at the Gas pump, selling us a war that we didn't need...all based on a lie, stealing our money (literally) via no bid contracts...$Billions missing in Iraq, etc. The Press corps should have played that game then. Now it looks like they are trying to make up for all the years when they were asleep at the wheel. While I don't agree with many of Obama's policies...appointments, strategies...views on Foreign policy... even his budget... I do believe he deserves time. Don't get me wrong... i'm going to be blogging against many of the things he wants to do...or fails to do... but the man deserves time. He hasn't even been in office 90 days yet. The WH Press allowed the previous 3 Presidents to screw the Country while they gave them a pass... It's going to take Obama more than a couple of months to fix a disaster that was set in motion at least 20 years ago...with the carrying over of massive debt... stealing our money, creating the great wealth disparities that are now coming to a head...and by not investing in the future. They all passed the problems on to the next President.

And the idea that Obama caused all this ....that he didn't inherit this financial mess is laughable. It's not a serious comment worthy of any serious debate. "Empty Suit" is an internet troll with an agenda.

Anonymous said...

And the idea that Obama caused all this ....that he didn't inherit this financial mess is laughable. It's not a serious comment worthy of any serious debate. "Empty Suit" is an internet troll with an agenda.

I have an agenda just like every blogger, your agenda is to make Obama look good, support his ideas, place him on a pedestal. My agenda is to expose Obama, plain and simple. Calling me an internet troll, well most trolls are the key to the other side, we stand at bridges and only the worthy pass, trolls are fair and go by the rule, if you’re not worthy of crossing the the other side, you have to be sent back. If that’s how you view me, Thank You, I appreciate that. I don’t remember saying Obama caused all this so lets skip to the inherited issue, you seem educated so im not going to waste time with the meaning, the only presidents that inherited a problem is John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Chester A. Arthur, Theodore Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Harry S. Harry S. Truman, Lyndon B. Lyndon B. Johnson, Gerald R. Ford. Either through death or leaving office. Obama was not given anything, he ran a campaign for office and won. He was a senator, and if he spent more time as a senator he would have know the state that the country was in. He didn’t do that, he wanted to be President and ran in the election. Who ever wants that position, accepts the status of the country. There is no ‘X’ president inherited the problem from the past president that's laughable. If you run for a position, know what you are running for. Maybe this experience will wake Obama up, he sure is making fun of it.

"Empty Suit" the internet troll with an agenda.

That’s cute, I might add this to my blog header

lahru said...

betch ol' Ed's gonna have to stand for a few days after that ass whoopn'

Anonymous said...

If you belive more government is the solution to anything,
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