Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chas Freeman Forced Out!

Chas Freeman has been forced to pull his name out of consideration for the chairmanship of the National Intelligence Council. I knew it was too good to be true.

Pressure from pro-Israel members of Congress, AIPAC, and the Israeli leadership turned out to be too much. Once again Israel has shown that it can control American politics. We might as well call Benjamin Netanyahu the President of the United States. Because in many ways... he, along with the Israeli lobby groups in this Country, determine U.S. policy. Obama is nothing more than Israel's poodle. Members of Congress are like Prostitutes working for another Country.

It's absolutely amazing to me that even with a Democratic House of Representatives, a Democratic Senate, and even with a popular President, Progressives still don't hold any sway in this Country. They have no say in the formulation of policy nor in determining who works for the President. They (Progressives) don't even have a platform to make any demands, since no media infrastructure exists. The airwaves are dominated - more like clogged and polluted - by Right wing zealots, religious Conservatives, and "Neo-Con Lite" Democrats who repeat Right Wing talking points...allowing the Right to control the narrative on damn near every media outlet in the Country... so it doesn't matter who you listen to.

The Rethuglicans claim there was a conflict of interest... that Freeman had too many Saudi business dealings. What about the Bush's? George H.W. Bush and Skull & Bones Jr. were basically sleeping with Saudi royalty... One of the younger Bush brothers, Neil Bush, was neck deep involved with the Saudi's.

Bush exchanging saliva with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Remember how Bush wanted to sell U.S. ports to UAE interests? They didn't have much of a problem with all of Clinton's MANY overseas dealings. For them, they made an accommodation... because they can tolerate Neo-Con Lite. But when Chas Freeman comes along, now all of a sudden these Conservatives come out of the woodwork claiming a problem. Of course none of this was the real problem.... the problem was Israel and AIPAC. It seems to me, they gave some folks an ultimatum on Freeman. And Joe Lie-berman - Senator from the State of Israel - couldn't be more disingenuous. Where were these jackass Republicans when Bush was selling us out? Go and read up on the Bush's and The Carlisle Group and their connections with Saudi Arabia. Chas Freeman's dealings pale in comparison... it's not even close.

It's almost enough to make me sick to my stomach.

Obama better grow a backbone and a pair of testicles and learn how to fight for something. All this caving has to stop.


NPR story on Chas Freeman's nomination


See Freeman's statement from Juan Cole's Blog


Anonymous said...

Are you really suprised by any of this?

AG Holder calls the country out about its racial cowardice. Obama tells him to shut it up, zip it, and throw it away.

Freeman has the testicular fortitude to stand vis-a-vis with Israel, call them out on their BS and challenge our country's blind devotion to their BS and this happens. Rush, it appears, is not the only conservative with power in these United States. Republicans in general are still running things. Or is just that the Dems are becoming increasing spineless with each passing day?

I'm very disappointed - but not suprised in the least - the Dems (including the Obama administration) sat on this.

The truth is, Israeli/Palestinian tension will be here as long as humans are here. But as long as the U.S. fails in its role as an impartial referee (as if we need to be involved in this crap in the first place), we will continue to see displays like this.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not completely thrilled with Freeman on everything. But his candor about the state of affairs with Israel was one of the more freshing things about him.

So much for that...

Anonymous said...



Truthiz said...

"Republicans in general are still running things. Or is just that the Dems are becoming increasing spineless with each passing day?"

I think: In general, the Dems have pretty much been "Spineless" since Reagan_or perhaps even Carter(?)

Note: I'm excluding Pres. Obama from the current "Spineless" bunch_FOR NOW. It's still early in his Presidency. In fairness to him, I'm gonna give him more time to show me what he's working with.

The Repubs: They ain't running nothing these days. Oh I know they like parading around PRETENDING they've got "game". But that party is so mucked-up right now it's a real challenge for any of those incompetent nitwits to "run" to the bathroom on his/her own!

But I digress.

It's clear to me that when it comes to backing Israel_the REPUBLICRATS have always been more than happy to kiss Israel's _ _ _ well...you know.

Anyway. Obama's next choice will indicate whether or not he really wants a "Change" in our foreign policy regarding Israel(?)

rikyrah said...

I am sad about this.

Paradigm said...

75% of americans consider themselves christian. That means most have a soft spot for Israel. They see the destruction of Israel or anything seen as a separation from Israeli politics as end of times events. Obama, or any other president before or in the future won't touch Israel. It's the 4th rail of politics.

I, for one, think Israel will lead us into the next world war.