Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The President's Doing Too Much?

The new meme from the MSM is that President Obama is ' taking on too much.'

Poster Myth has this in response:

I started this conversation yesterday, and I still want a vigorous debate that talks me down about how much is TOO MUCH:

Who is most afraid that the President of the United States is trying to do too much? Is it the media because they can't give enough attention to everything he is doing and proposing or give it all a thorough vetting, so they want him to slow down so that they can catch up? They can’t wrap themselves around all of it so they can either defend it or kill it off in the media? Are his changes too drastic for Congress because it takes them a whole session to hear from their constituents back home on how they are supposed to vote and all of these policy changes will make them have to work too hard to keep up? Are there too many changes for the Republicans and they don't have enough leaders left to talk them all down at once so you go get Gingrich?

How do you/they define "too much"? Who is doing the defining of "too much?" Does David Gergen want the POTUS to just sit still in the White House twittlin’ his thumbs waiting for the stock market to crash or waiting to see if the banks can get their acts together? Bush sat in that White House for 8 years looking at nothing but the war in Iraq and it totally ran him crazy. That's boring...the POTUS can only do what he can do. Besides, he’s got peeps to do the watchin’. This POTUS has millions of people counting on him to deliver us so is he supposed to just stop and spend every waking moment, like Morning Joke does, trying to figure out how to force the banks to work again and wait to see if the economy is going to turn on a dime. Wait for what? Gimme a break. Maybe Gergen sees the issue coming down that we will have to have a second stimulus package, that’s just great. OMG=How in the world will Congress pass a second stimulus package AND fund health care, OMG! I’ll tell you how, just print some mo damned money, that’s how. Let the next President figure out how to balance the budget. WE inherited a big mess and we have to buy and spend our way out of it. I ain't mad at the POTUS ‘cause a good crisis IS a good opportunity that needs to be taken advantage of. What they gon do, talk about him....ANNNNNNNNNND

We need to defend our POTUS and ask Gergen et.al. how and why he defines the term TOO MUCH? Who sets the limits on what and how much this President can do at once time? Yeah we may be socialists, tax and spend Democrats, and we are going to spend enough money until we make this nation fair, equitable, working, healthy, war-free, get our 40 acres and mule, then make the rich pay taxes for it and everything else it takes to turn it around as part of this divine providential mission that President Barack Hussein Obama is on.

Well guess what, this is a young, aggressive POTUS that has millions of people behind him, willing to volunteer for him, work and make policy changes for the betterment of the United States. Unfortunately while the media was waiting from Nov 4 to Jan 20 for Bush to turn over the power and key to the people’s house, Obama was working it out. While the pundits were demanding for him to lead before it was his time and he was telling them that there could only be one President at a time, this new energetic, young, gifted and black POTUS was thinking and working it out in the midnight hours with his young, bright, articulate , gifted and black lawyer wife and Pillow-Talk-in-Chief.

Telling a black man that you want him to “fail” is just motivation for our racial species to work twice as hard to succeed. We need to defend our POTUS and ask Gergen et. al. how and why he/they define the term “TOO MUCH”? Who sets the limits on how much can be done at one time? So, if you can't keep up with the relay, get out of the damned race.

Go head on, Mr. President.

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Truthiz said...

The American news media: (Loooong Sigh)!

“The President is taking on too much" _SMH.

I’ve accepted the fact that our news media is in, general, becoming more and more irrelevant EVERY DAY.

Like the Republican party, the U.S. news media, for the most part, is operating from a 19th and 20th century mentality.

Cable news networks, in particular, shamelessly manufacture and magnify DRAMA in order to drum up ratings and advance the agenda of their corporate masters. In short_it’s gotten OLD.

The Internet is proving to be a REAL game-changer!..one that the “elites” never saw coming.

And we now have a President that the media can’t quite figure out or control. President “O” really does dance to the tune of a different drum. He’s got his own mind, his own playbook, his own beat and rhythm. He’s not a reactionary. He’s cool. And most importantly, he’s a 21st century forward thinking man.

Now on a different note_I had to share this:

Ben Smith from Politico posted:

[Steele appears to cast congressional GOP as greedy "mice" [UPDATED] 3-11-09


In Cal Thomas's column today, GOP Chairman Michael Steele appears to suggest, in colorful terms, that unnamed congressional Republican critics are greedy, "mice" angry at him only because he's cut off access to the RNC war chest -- though a Steele aide denied the implication.

Mr. Steele said he is in stage TWO of a two-stage process to reform and transform the Republican Party.

He won't reveal details, because, "The mice who are scurrying about the Hill are upset because they no longer have access to the cheese, so they don't know what's going on."]


Okay so if Steele is in “stage TWO of a two-stage process to reform and transform the Republican Party” _WHEN, did “stage ONE” take place? _or more specifically, WHAT, pray tell, constituted stage One?!

Was it Steele’s ascendance to the RNC Chair?

Or his dissing of _then Very public beat down by_Rush?

I'm just asking???