Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chicago Out of Control? 508 Students Shot in the Past 16 Months.

Chicago's CBS station (WBBM) is reporting that staggering numbers of students (most of them Black) have been shot and or killed in the City just in the last 16 months. See companion article.

See maps from 2005 and 2006 showing where most of the violent crime occurred. No surprise that the violent crimes seemed to be concentrated on the City's South side. (the source for the data is the Chicago Police Department).

I guess that gun ban is working... but I digress.

Sadly this situation is playing out in most of the nations big cities. Poor, Black & Hispanic communities are literally warzones. I am tired of Blacks complaining that they shouldn't be held responsible for the madness in their communities... it's always everyone else's fault but theirs. Yes, a lack of Police service, good governance, a bad economy all play a role. But let's be clear... most of the social problems in "Black communities" begin at home. Even Obama recognizes that Parents need to start parenting again. He understands the importance of personal responsibility.

The modern Black youth culture (centered around Hip Hop, Bling, Sex, irresponsibility, violence and illegality) which doesn't value education, moderation, traditional values, etc...needs to be called out for what it is. I'm tired of the obfuscation and the excuses. It is this culture that is primarily responsible for what we are seeing now... (I didn't say it was the only thing responsible...but it is a very big part of problem).

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