Friday, November 07, 2008

Unexpected Moments

From the comments:


I think the full impact and significance of Barack's ascension to power will hit African Americans at different points and at different times. It was early on for me when I could first realize the possiblity and all that our people have gone through. I think there will be other times though, maybe as Donna Brazile says when he walks down those steps to take the oath or maybe one day on a news clip when his standing in a tuxedo for a state dinner with dignitaries. There will be many times that chills will go through our bodies at the site of something we never thought we would see and for many the emotion will overcome us and for others it'll just be muming under our breaths the words "unbelievable'. But the next four years will be good for the souls of black folk. And for those of us truly committed to going the distance with Barack in the good and bad times, we'll make our way to the 'tv to support him as we will this afternoon for the press conference. Unless he really does something to disappoint, he will have the unfaltering loyalty of African Americans throughout this whole ride. This is a once in a lifetime chance for most of us to take this journey. Now it will be nice if others come after this trail he blazed, but I do believe we will follow him as though its our one and only shot. He will be appreciative.

I've been thinking about some of 'those moments'.

My list so far:
1.Michelle holding the Bible on January 20, 2009.
2. The first time Michelle enters the White House as First Lady (no, we won't be able to see that)
3. When they meet the fully assembled White House staff (no, we won't be able to see that)
4. The first time he boards AIR FORCE ONE
5. The first State Dinner (I'll be glued to C-Span. I hope Leticia Baldridge is still alive and is the usual C-Span guest)
6. State of the Union, 2009. I'm going to be chilled twice:

(to be honest, I'm still not used to ' Madam Speaker'. So, the combo of that and 'The President of the United States' - damn)

7. Black History Month at The White House, February 2009
8. President Obama and Mrs. Obama at Buckingham Palace
9. President Obama and Mrs. Obama on an official overseas trip to Africa
10. President Obama's first G8 Summit
11. The HGTV Special, Christmas at the White House

Anyone want to share what they think will be their ' unexpected moments'?

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rikyrah said...

Here's the list gathered from JJP:

1. President Obama sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office addressing the nation with pictures or Michelle, Melia and Sasha on the desk behind him. That one is going to tug at the heartstrings.

2.Seeing President Obama on the cover of an American history book.

3.Lighting the National Christmas tree and seeing Malia, Sasha, and Michelle.

4.Obama pardoning that Thanksgiving turkey. BTW, will the staff have to learn how to fix chitlins? Sweet Potato Pie? Greens? Maybe Grandma will have to go in there and teach the chef.

5. First Cabinet meeting

6. First pitch at the opening game for the Washington Nationals

7. The Kennedy Center Honors Ceremony

8. Although it already happened, his first press conference (as president-elect) made my heart skip a beat when the press corp stood up as Obama entered the room

9.First motorcade passes through the streets of DC; I'll stop and wave now (yes, DC resident)

10. President Obama visiting other COUNTRIES and being received by OTHER HEADS OF STATE as the HEAD OF THESE STATES!

11. Speaking of dates: January 20, 2009 = the second coming of Juneteenth!

Kinda ~

12. When the first Barack Obama High School is built. Oh my goodness y'all. That is when it will hit me. We have JFK Elementary, Franklin Middle School, George Washington High School, MLK High. That is so powerful to even think about.

13. The images of the Obama kids running around in their new home. Just owning the place with their mere presence...because it's their home. The White House is home to a couple of Black kids. I'm getting emotional just thinking about it.

14. The first dozen or so times he walks into a room and this is played:

Hail to the Chief

15. January 20, 2009:

"I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

No, I never thought I'd hear those words uttered by anyone Black.

16. I can't wait to see his photo in every school room and federal building in the country and in all the embassies all over the world!

17. I can't wait to get the first First Family photo and place it on my wall.

18. I know this is something that we are not going to see... but I've been thinking a lot about Malia and Sasha going to their new Washington DC school with Secret Service protecting their every step. Something about the lives of these little Black girls being given the highest level of protection in the land stirs something in me, given that the lives of Black girls and women have been so devalued and made invisible in US history. Their Dad is President!

19. His first presidential press conference where he strolls down the hallway leading to the East Room.

20. His first prime time address from the Oval Office.

21. His first ride on Marine One-The Presidential Helicopter- to Andrews AFB to board Air Force One.

22. His first trip to Camp David.

23. His first trip back home to Hawaii on Air Force One (Ya'll know how much it cost to fly a 747 from DC to Hawaii...Oooh____, I know that this is really going to piss of "dem durty Republicans," lol--I hope that Barack makes as many trips as he likes to getaway from DC...He should put his western White House in Hawaii). I'm sure that this unexpected moment--the power to fly anywhere in the world on a whim--will inspire many youth to aspire to the presidency.

24. expanding on #21:the picture of Malia and Sasha running across the White House lawn to meet a returning Marine One.

25. expanding on #21 further:Yes, and wih their hypoallergenic dog running beside them! WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?!!!

26. I will feel so proud to see him giving his first State of the Union Speech - and recapture the feeling of the election

27. July 4th. This has always just been a day off from work and you got to have a big barbeque. Maybe it fell around a family reunion or something, but who among us really got all patriotic-ky at the day? Whatever celebrations that were televised, I can not remember ever watching any of them, or caring that they were on - maybe we flipped over and saw the firework displays on some channel, but all that resonated with us was "oh...pretty lights"...but I guarantee we will actually feel something more in 2009.

Its also Malia's birthday. Just think, we'll always know that. We'll always remember little Malia is a year older. We'll watch the family at the fireworks celebration in DC and feel more connected to this country than ever before.

28. I think my most unexpected moment will be when I don't think about the historical aspect of it anymore -- when he's just the current President -- and realize it.