Monday, November 03, 2008

Links For Following the Election

Although the national numbers don't mean much at this point, I wanted to throw in the final pollster chart with the average of national polls.

You can follow the election in real-time here with an interactive map.

I will be splitting my time between CNN/MSNBC, Dailykos, and updating the blog.

Senate and House of Representative races are harder to track...but there are a few key Senate and House races that I will post on... especially Elizabeth Dole in the Senate. There are several Republicans who I would like to see go. Virgil Goode is another. I will definitely try to keep up with the Goode vs. Perriello race.

The only Governors race that I really have an interest in is for Missouri. The results for that race should come quickly....the Democrat, Jay Nixon, is way ahead. That will represent another Democratic pickup.

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