Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Night Open Thread

The Republican Political Death Watch - Election Night Open Thread

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We will just update this post throughout the night. If you want to post or participate.... use the comments section.

Early exit poll numbers from the HuffPost


Florida: 52 percent to 44 percent
Iowa: 52 percent to 48 percent
Missouri: 52 percent to 48 percent
North Carolina: 52 percent to 48 percent
New Hampshire: 57 percent to 43 percent
Nevada: 55 percent to 45 percent
Pennsylvania: 57 percent to 42 percent
Ohio: 54 percent to 45 percent
Wisconsin: 58 percent to 42 percent
Indiana: 52 percent to 48 percent
New Mexico: 56 percent to 43 percent
Minnesota: 60 percent to 39 percent
Michigan: 60 percent to 39 percent

This is it.

I'll be coming back, to post updates.

So far, it's Indiana and Kentucky that are coming in.

Vermont for Obama

Kentucky for McCain

Indiana - a state that hasn't voted for a Democrat since Lyndon Johnson in 1964 - IS TOO CLOSE TO CALL

From fivethirtyeight.com about Indiana:

Just looking at some of the places where we have results in so far. Obama is substantially outperforming Kerry -- which is what he needs to do to win the state, of course, but the differences are pretty substantial.

Steuben: Kerry 34%, Obama 42%
DeKalb: Kerry 31%, Obama 38%
Knox: Kerry 36%, Obama 54%
Marshall: Kerry 31%, Obama 50%

Late deciders broke to Obama in North Carolina.

South Carolina and West Virginia for McCain.


MSNBC Calls Pennsylvania for Obama. First Big State of the Night... a State that The Republicans said they HAD TO WIN!!!



Yeah.... Missouri will be late as I expected. This is actually good news for Obama... rural areas come in first.... That means he's holding his own. He only has to stay close.... until the end. My two hometowns will take care of the rest if he's close enough :).

I'm multi-tasking... trying to ride the Dailykos Mothership.... and listen to the TV in the other room. I'm about to break out the radio next.

You can also follow with the Dkos Map.


Obama Doing Much Better Among N. Carolina Whites Than Kerry
by Jed L
Tue Nov 04, 2008 at 05:14:33 PM PST
In 2004, John Kerry won 27% of white voters in North Carolina.

In 2008, Barack Obama is winning 37%.


New Hampshire goes for Obama according to CNN. A State where McCain wasted a lot of time a resources over the last couple of weeks, hoping for an upset. :)


McCain won Alabama

They just announced Georgia for McCain


CBS radio reporting Elizabeth Dole has fallen. :) And there will be no getting up.

Also... Keep Track of Missouri from KMOX Radio...listen to the online stream.

Another great station is KWMU...the NPR affiliate, which also offers an online stream.


Popular Republican Senator Sununu has fallen to opponent Jeanne Shaheen.

In the Missouri Governors Race... exit polls suggest that Atty Gen. Jay Nixon has absolutely crushed his opponent Kenny Hulshof. No final numbers yet.

Arkansas and Georgia - McCain

From MarcAmbinder:
04 Nov 2008 09:04 pm
Watching Virginia...
Obama's good well in the historic Hampton Roads region...good in the Richmond suburbs...he's outperforming John Kerry.... winning or tied (depending on the vote count) in Henrico County, which President Bush won by 8 points and Chesterfield Co., which Bush won by 26 points.


I was thinking that the pollsters screwed up on their sampling in Virginia. Hopefully he can catch up...

North Carolina and Florida are looking more promising.

Fox calls Ohio for Obama.... then changed their minds??? Interesting. :) Looks like they are panicking about Ohio.... and I hear they are sweating about Florida too.




Keith O just broke it down: Obama's at 200 right now. Look at the map, people. Look at the Map.....


from the polling, Obama's up 60-40 in MIAMI-DADE COUNTY so far


See the official Missouri Results Here. You have a choice of text results or a map... refreshes every 2 minutes. Get to the Presidential race by using the tabs at the top of the Sec. of State Page.


Obama comes from behind and takes the lead in Virginia????!!!


Obama not looking good in Missouri in early returns....but that's not too unusual.

Only rural counties coming in.



538 reports that Republican Senator Chris Shays has fallen. This was a really big fish for Democrats.

I couldn't stand Shays.... he was arrogant as can be. Remember how he treated Katrina victims?


207 to 135 so far.

Obama is 63 away.


McCain looking good in Missouri, unfortunately:

With about 20% of precincts reporting

John McCain, Sarah Palin REP 370,511 56.1%
Barack Obama, Joe Biden DEM 280,394 42.4%



The Missouri race

With about 34% of precincts reporting... McCain's lead is shrinking into dangerous territory.

John McCain, Sarah Palin REP 516,339 53.3%
Barack Obama, Joe Biden DEM 437,543 45.2%


Tweety - 'it's truly wondrous'.

FOX calls Virginia for Obama?



Ladies and Gentleman... we are witnessing a landslide in progress.

Virginia going towards Obama late...

Obama has now turned the tide in Missouri as I predicted.... not sure if it will hold...

But he closed the gap quickly. McCain/Obama are now running neck and neck in Missouri.

Numbers in a minute.

P.S. Governor-elect Jay Nixon is giving his acceptance speech...


Nevada - to Obama.

Florida - to Obama

Virginia - to Obama

Colorado to Obama

Obama is up to 338

Eugene Robinson is kicking ass.


Brian said...

The Senate and House are interesting too...

It looks like Sununu, Dole, Bachman, Ted Stevens, Norm Coleman are all in trouble.

I haven't checked on racist & xenophobe Virgil Goode yet....

The death watch continues....

Brian said...

I'm perplexed by the early Virginia numbers.

Perhaps the gap will narrow once Richmond and the DC suburbs come in.

It appeared (from the polling in the last week) that Obama had a comfortable lead.

It would be a strange turnaround if he lost VA.

Brian said...

I was hoping Obama could take Georgia...

But the pressure is still on McCain.

Pennsylvania was McCains biggest chance to steal something big and put Obama on his heels. And the polls were tight enough that he could have done it. That was his biggest chance for an offensive push.

The rest of the night for McCain will be defense.... not offense. :)

redante said...

Virginia is very close right now with McCain in a slight 1 percent lead. Here's a good site for VA numbers. This is around 67 percent of precincts reporting. I'm surprised as well with it being this close in VA.

Brian said...

The Die Has Been Cast...

I'll let you enjoy the Big one Rikyrah....

McCain and his minions are done!!!


Brian said...

Up 60-40% in Miami-Dade???? Huge numbers.

Brian said...

Missouri ends up being a tie.

Damn Ralph Nader!!!

If not for him... Obama would probably be cruising to victory in Missouri.