Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Being An American- This Election

Something just came to me:

I feel as if this country just saved itself.

I try and be logical most times, but underneath it all, this experiment called America, is sometimes beautiful to behold. There have been some dark times, but when this country gets it right, it usually gets it right in such a bold way, it's stunning.

And, that's how Barack Obama won. By appealing to that boldness that each of us feels is there about this country. Being an American isn't about just understanding the positives, it's understanding the flaws. It's how I, a descendent of slaves, who were originally counted as 3/5ths a human being, can believe that the Constitution is the most profound document written in the past 400 years.

A poster said something during the primary season that I never forgot: she said watching Obama win like this made her feel like an American. Not a Black -American or an African-American, but an American. And, I knew what she meant, because it's how I've felt too. I would watch Obama rallies and SEE the America that I wanted to live in, and I was willing to work for that.

I finally see some light. I found my faith again. The faith in my country.

To quote our future First Lady:

For the first time in my adult life, I am REALLY proud of my country.



Brian said...

I wish I could feel that way...

But i'm far too skeptical.

There's been so much damage done... and too many problems and divisions remain.

This is a country that is still right of center... with a free Press that is permanently on vacation... so you have an electorate that doesn't know night from day most of the time.

Yes, they got it right this time... but look at how bad things had to get before people finally started to pay attention. And will they get it right the next time?

The infrastructure needed to win hearts and minds has still not been laid. What I mean by that is that the disparity in terms of media voices...and points of view, still exists...and the current media landscape (TV, Radio, Print Media) is skewed towards radical conservatism... theocracy, militarism, and the opinions of the wealthy and well connected. Progressive views are still largely locked out. It wasn't until recently that people like Olbermann and Maddow were able to get a platform...and even with them... there is still no parity. Until progressives can create the conditions that would allow for a fair debate (by building an information infrastructure...where Americans are informed and educated rather than misguided and frightened with false information and distortions) then we will be back here 20 years from now.

This country is still dangerously divided.

No time for rest... we haven't even made it to the top of the Mountain yet to even look to the other side.

Brian said...

And this election shouldn't have been as close as it was.

Yes.... the EC was good.. but the popular vote and the polling should have been spread out much farther than it turned out to be.

Too many close votes in the State by State contests.

It shows that there are still too many people voting based on family tradition and with their heart instead of with their mind. And that's a problem for America. A very serious problem.

Common Sense has to make a return at some point. Because Obama is not going to be able to solve all of the problems of this Country in one or even two terms.

rikyrah said...

ah, AI...you're the glass half-empty person..LOL

it's ok.

Brian said...

LOL :)

Not all the time...

But I have watched politics in this Country for too long...about 20 years... and I have had the perspective of living overseas.

There are too many Americans that just don't get it. They see the World from their own warped viewpoint.

And the politics of the last 8 years has gotten really really ugly. It's something that you would expect in developing Countries, not here.

Once I see intelligence and common sense make a comeback in a meaningful way (longterm)... then maybe I'll be more hopeful. The election of Obama just doesn't get us there... there has to be much more than that. This is just a positive sign.

But I am glad this crazy election is over.


Something incredible is happening in Missouri tonight.

McCain may still hold on... but wait until you see the margin.
And I still don't know if provisional ballots have been counted.... and what about the States military folks?

I just don't know (it's that close).

A recount is all but certain.

Brian said...

398 vote difference in Missouri.


That's not the final. But 398 out of almost 3 million votes cast.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Do not let doubts obscure the fact that this was an historic landslide; a turning of the page. America has spoken, and spoken well. McCain was running against history itself. And Barack overtook him in the moment of the great change. Let nothing obscure that fact.