Tuesday, November 11, 2008

" I Am A Man"

Memphis Sanitation Workers, 1968

Much thanks to Truthseeker for finding this video of Michelle Bernard on Election Night:


Truthiz said...

I must confess, I'm a bit of a fan of Michelle Bernard.

This video is just one more example of why I tend to enjoy her take on any given subject. She's a smart, classy lady who has no problem articulating her points of view.

Thanks for posting the video and the pic of the Black men with the "I Am A Man" poster

ren said...

all that matters

Nitegator said...

This is one of those ‘for media’ I stay in memphis work with media all the time, what is not told is 40 years later the job conditions have not improved since strike; they still have no pensions as of August 3, 2008. 40 years after King died here defending their honor, some Memphis sanitation workers say they are still wondering when. During some news conference here and there they might get some support from some retired employee. A provision made during the 1968 strike settlement prevents the city from offering pension to sanitation workers. They are eligible to contribute to a 457(b) plan with the city offering matching funds.