Friday, November 14, 2008

Media Alert

‘60 Minutes’ Books First Post-Election Interview of Obama
By Bill Carter

“60 Minutes” has landed the first post-election interview of President-elect Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, for this coming Sunday.

CBS News announced Thursday that the Obamas would sit down Friday in Chicago to speak with the “60 Minutes” correspondent Steve Kroft. The interview is expected to fill more than one segment on the broadcast. It may fill the entire hour.

Mr. Kroft last week interviewed Mr. Obama’s senior staff about the planning of his campaign. The program attracted more than 18 million viewers, the most of any show in television last week.

In August, Mr. Kroft and “60 Minutes” also presented the first joint interview with Mr. Obama and his running mate, Joseph R. Biden Jr.

The Obamas are also on pretty much every 'life' magazine/tabloid this upcoming week: People, US, Life & Style, OK, Star.

The Obamas gave their first post-election interview to EBONY.

The following is from Ebony's announcement of its coup of its interview yesterday:

The exclusive interview and cover shoot, held at the headquarters of Johnson Publishing Co. in Chicago, will be the centerpiece of Ebony magazine's January 2009 commemorative issue, which goes on sale nationwide Tuesday, December 9.

President-elect Obama spoke to Ebony magazine editorial director Bryan Monroe on a wide range of issues, including his historic election and international reaction, the future of America and how he hopes to tap the enthusiasm of the millions of supporters who have been mobilized by his election.

"I'm very humbled by the fact that I stand on the shoulders of all the people who made these incredible contributions to lift this country up," Obama told Ebony on Thursday.



Hi there,

Ebony wants to regain all of the millions of black folks who no longer read it??

It will take more than an Obama feature...

rikyrah said...

true, but that Ebony will be a huge selller. A collector's item

rikyrah said...

I loved them on 60 Minutes, and I'm glad Grandma Robinson is going with them.

I love the story about him having the car with the hole in the floor. It's true because one of Michelle Obama's oldest friends is a talk radio personality here, and she talked about those old days. Barack Obama was a 'Broke Brotha', who spoke of high 'ideals', had no clothes, an apartment that if you sneezed, you were in the next apartment, and the car with the holes in it. Michelle married him because she loved him and believed in him. And, she wasn't afraid to carry the family financially on her back while Barack Obama ' did his thing'.

Smartest decision he ever made - marrying Michelle.

rikyrah said...

Skeptical Brotha is at it again:

Laura Bush gives Michelle Obama White House Tour

Brian said...

I haven't seen the 60 minutes segment yet. I don't watch much TV...but I couldn't see this one anyway, since I was confined to the job when it aired.

Maybe there will be a replay.

rikyrah said...

From TPM:

Nielsen: Nearly 25 Million Watched Obama Interview Last Night
By Greg Sargent - November 17, 2008, 4:32PM

This goes without saying at this point, but public interest in the Obama presidency really is extraordinary:

Barack Obama's first television interview as president-elect was a ratings hit for CBS news program "60 Minutes," drawing its highest viewership since 1999, the U.S. network said Monday.
The interview was seen by 24.5 million viewers, according to preliminary estimates from Nielsen Media Research.

That's roughly one-fifth the number who actually voted, for anyone who's keeping score.

Brian said...

Any ideas when this is re-airing...or can I watch it online by now?

I guess i'll look for it a little later...

Feeling lazy at the moment.