Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Open Thread

The Obamas Vote

Do you have any election day stories?


Brian said...


I had to take down the video, because it kept crashing my computer everytime I would try to bring up the page. I had to reboot 3 times. Sorry :).

There are too many videos on the page....at least for my computer. (It's probably just affecting me...since my computer is extremely old). But everything is loading slow.

Can you provide a link to the video instead of the embed?

I'm about to leave to go vote... I had to spend the first part of the day updating my drivers license so they wouldn't challenge me at the polling place.

Brian said...


No lines at all for me... took me about 10-15 minutes from the time I arrived to the time I drove off. Pretty uneventful.

Then again... I live in McCain territory. I am hearing about long lines in other parts of the St. Louis Metro. The longer lines tend to be in areas with strong Obama support. My area isn't strictly for McCain... I see quite a few Obama signs... but it's as closest thing to McCain territory that you'll see in St. Louis County.

I took my chances with the touch screen system.... so I hope I voted, lol.

Brian said...

Just saw a Rev. Wright Ad on CNN.

I knew they were playing across the country...but not on CNN.

redante said...

In Washington, DC, I got in line today at 6:15 AM and there already was a somewhat big line in front of me! I was able to vote shortly after 7AM. There was a slight problem with my address (I moved earlier last year but the election board did not seem to have my current address) so I had to vote special ballot. I was out in 20 minutes and the line snaked around the block as I got out. I voted Obama-Biden at the top of the ticket but voted the DC Statehood Green Party for everything else, down to the school board position.

rikyrah said...

I voted a couple of weeks ago.

But, on my way to workout this morning, cars were lined up and people were out the door at all 3 of the polline places that I usually pass.