Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Miriam Makeba Has Passed On

Miriam Makeba
'Mama Africa'

Story from NPR

Report from the New York Times

Story from Voice of America


Anonymous said...

My father played Miriam Makeba all of the time, some 35 years ago. I looked for the album he used to play of hers called " The Many Voices of Miriam Makeba." Hugh Masekela played trumpet (?) on that album, and I have been in love with both since then.

I've searched and searched for a copy of that album, but to no avail. It is out of print, and won't be for the foreseeable future.

All of the other live efforts didn't appeal to me; I wanted (and still do)that album or disc.

I called my sister in Delaware, and lo and behold; she has my father's copy! I told her to take care of it, and don't play it.

My favorite songs off the album:

Njilo Njilo

Rest in peace, Mama Africa

Amenta said...

I too fell in love with her music because my mother played the heck out of her album. I don't remember the name of the album she played but I loved it. I had the pleasure of buying a Miriam Makeba CD she released about 3 years ago. I know she is singing with Lucky Dube and the greats that have gone on before her.