Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why Americans Need The Right To Bear Arms

Gun Ban Supporters: Eve Carson Should Not Have Had The Right To Defend Herself Against Home Invading Thugs.

Here's another example of why Americans should have the right to protect themselves in their own homes....

The star student from UNC, Eve Carson, was not carjacked as originally reported.

Gun ban supporters like D.C. Mayor Fenty, Chicago Mayor Daley, and L.A. Police Chief Bratton, don't believe that Eve Carson should have been allowed to defend herself in her own home.

Extreme Left Liberal Blogger The Field Negro, another gun ban supporter, also doesn't believe that Eve Carson should have even had the right to defend herself. In fact, The Field Negro tends to be an advocate for criminal thugs. He is a strong believer in going light on the kind of thugs who killed Eve Carson. And he lives in one of the most crime ridden cities in the Country, Killadelphia Pennsylvania. I will never understand why people like the Field Negro are so pro-criminal/pro-thug.

Here is a recent post from the Field Negro about the recent Supreme Court ruling on the D.C. Gun ban:

So now it's official, here in A-merry-ca we have a right to bear arms. Johnny get your gun, you never know when our government might turn against us, or god forbid, we might get outnumbered by those brown people.

In another close decision (5-4) the supremes basically told cities like D.C. and Philadelphia to get over their high murder rates and get their citizens in check. Guns don't kill people, people do. Yeah, but don't they need something to kill each other with? Sorry, I didn't exactly see where it said in the Second Amendment that we have a right to posses a firearm. I thought the Second Amendment was a limitation on the Federal government. Why not give states and local governments the right to regulate the possession of firearms in a way that they think is best for their communities? Hey I am with Justice Stevens on this one: "the supremes have basically enshrined the common law right of self defense", which is kind of scary.

Here in A-mery-ca we love our Second Amendment don't we? God apple pies and guns, that's the A-merry-can way. So what if every now and then one of us goes on a fucking rampage and decides to take out a bunch of our fellow citizens. Hey, we just have to do a better job at punishing these people, and making sure that they realize that if they use a fire arm to commit a despicable act, they are going to be punished. Oh, but wait, the latest crack pot, like so many before him, shot himself. Oh well, I guess he took care of that little punishment problem for us.
I keep hoping A-merry-cans will wake up, but sadly, I know we won't. I mean if someone can execute a schoolhouse full of little Amish children and it doesn't get a rise out of the sick fucks at the NRA, I don't know what will. I mean a bunch of niggers killing each other in the inner cities is fine. We all know those Negroes don't have anything better to do than take drugs and kill each other. But what about those good citizens [*wink wink*] in places like Kentucky and Virginia? Do they deserve to die? I don't know, call me crazy, but I bet if there were less guns there would be less killings.

Here in Killadelphia we are used to it. We have plenty guns on the streets . Our bangers and straw buyers love the NRA and their policies. Mo money mo money mo money. So a few hundred people die every year, what's a little murder among friends?

So congrats to you folks over at the NRA, I am sure you are feeling good about this latest victory. Let's just hope that if god forbid, one of you ever find yourselves staring down the barrel of a 380 in a shaking crack addict's hand, you will have a fast draw and good aim.

You will need both, or you will end up like the thousands of victims that you have forgotten.

And my response:


You neo-liberals are driving me crazy with this stuff. Some of the most violent cities in the Country have gun bans, or severe restrictions on them. The bans have done nothing to stop the carnage...because...guess what... the criminals don't give a damn what kind of ban you put in place. They don't typically buy their guns through legitimate means... they aren't walking into Joe Blows gun shop, showing ID, and filling out paperwork, lol. They are getting their weapons on the streets. So who is most impacted by these restrictive gun laws? Law abiding citizens by in large.

These silly laws leave innocent law abiding citizens even more vulnerable to your thug buddies.

Another thing... you wrote this post in a racial if there are no Black Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Liberals, Independents, moderates, people of various religions & backgrounds who are pro gun. White folks aren't the only ones who enjoy their Constitutional Rights.

I wish your friends Mayor Fenty, Mayor Daley, and Chief Bratton would shut it up.

The Mayor of Philly could announce a ban tomorrow on all guns within the city limits...and your thug buddies would continue their reign of terror and carnage. The only difference would be that the law abiding citizens would be left more vulnerable....they wouldn't even be safe in their own homes.

Every man/woman has the right to protect themselves and their families within their own homes. Every man/woman/child has a right to feel safe in their own home.

Now on the flip side... I do support gun control... I believe in thorough background checks (including mental health), waiting periods, limits on quantity of guns & ammo, magazine limitations, bans on fully automatic rifles, limits on CCW, requirements for locking guns away in homes with children, requirements for safety training, etc. But the government should not tell a law abiding citizen who has been background checked and has gone through safety training that they can't have a gun. Meanwhile, the criminals are running wild.

How would you react if a couple of your thug friends from the streets of Philly decided to invade your home because they saw Mrs. Field one day and followed her to find her address so that they could come back later. They decide to get armed one evening and break in to do her harm... or to rob your house. How would you deal with that? Would you sit around quietly to observe all this or would you want to do something? Based on this idea of vulnerability, which you advocate, I am left believing that you would be o.k. with allowing it to happen.

Maybe you are one of those who thinks Philly's Finest will save you.

Good luck with that.


As you can see, the logic of the handgun ban advocates just doesn't make sense and doesn't jive with reality. They are under the false impression that making legal guns available to law abiding citizens will somehow increase crime. That is completely illogical on its face. The law abiding citizens are not the ones who are committing dozens of murders in cities like Philly, D.C., L.A., Chicago and others. The criminals are committing the vast majority of murders.

In cities/Counties where gun ownership is legal but regulated for law abiding citizens, there is no rash of murders committed by legitimate gun owners. Even in States that allow law abiding citizens to CCW...the sky didn't fall after this right was granted. These gun ban advocates cannot provide any data showing that law abiding citizens who legally own guns, are terrorizing American cities with crime sprees. These people are never able to provide such data, because data showing this does not exist, and they know it. Their aim is to scare people into supporting their position by perpetuating misinformation...and myths.

They are also under the impression that making guns available to law abiding citizens equals some sort of gun free-for-all, with no regulation whatsoever... this is another lie that they seem to want to perpetuate. Most Americans favor some sort of reasonable gun control like the restrictions mentioned above.


Anonymous said...

I am a proponent of the right to bear arms, with some controls. My dad was an avid outdoorsman (old school), who hunted deer every year to supplement out table. This isn't unheard of in black families with southern roots. I think that the citizens of D.C. should have the right to protect their homes and families. As a matter of fact, I own a handgun for that reason alone. I'm a single, disabled woman living in Baltimore, so I have a 45 for my protection that I bought several years prior to my disability. I learned how to shoot it just in case something happens; you can't be too careful.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I thought most of your points were well taken and that Field Negro was just plain wrong on this one.

However, I disagree with some of your points.

One is that you said "the criminals are committing most of the murders." Technically, anyone who commits a murder becomes a criminal, but chances are if you're murdered, it'll be by someone you know quite well.

The other thing is I had the sense that you categorized proponents of gun bans as liberals. Hell, just spit the word out like it's poison, okay?

It ain't. Anyway, I'm black, liberal, Democrat, was born and lived in DC a good part of my life. DC is a black, liberal, Democrat town, and I'll tell you, for as long as I remember, the majority of black citizens have hungered for this.

Strange as it sounds, I think that because DC is becoming gentrified and the demographics are shifting to more whites, that the politics have changed. We weren't allowed to protect our own damn homes. Now that black neighborhoods are mixed, we can, because their voices are heard while ours wasn't.

The next thing I expect to see DC do is give residents the right to have a representation, i.e., a Congressman. Keep an eye out for that.

rikyrah said...

I agree with you AI. I believe in the Right to Bear Arms. Black folk have the right to protect themselves like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Finally the Supremes got one right. Hopefully, knowing that more homes may have guns, more raping and home-invading monkeys will cease in this behavior or be blown away as they well deserve. The world will be MUCH better off with more of this scum dead.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
you may not defend yourself

guns are for criminals
just hope police show in time

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
prosecute citizens

when they kill home invaders
threatening their families

absurd thought -
God of the Universe thinks
women shouldn’t carry guns

their attackers and rapists
don’t deserve their brains blown out

Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
Help Halt Terrorism Today!


Anonymous said...

Interesting image/crime to use.

Dr. Tracey Salisbury said...

AI -

I'm with you on this one. I didn't get the argument over at Field Negro's site. Don't ask for the death penalty, but I can't defend myself from the criminals that may attack me. Sounds like a double standard to me.

I don't know if a gun would have saved Eve Carson's life. She like many women would not have been expecting the kind of people that would take her life for $1400. I will not cry when these guys get the death penalty. When you kill someone for absolutely nothing, you forfeit your humanity.

Anonymous said...

It's disturbing to see black nationalism trump human decency and humanity. It's a sad state of affairs when our brotha's and sista's Olympic Sprint past the dead body (white or black, see black family of 5 burned alive by drug dealer)on the ground to make sure the thugs that did it are "treated fairly". But what do we expect though when Biggie & Tupac are elevated to the stature of Malcom and Martin.

The nihilistic behavior of the youth, our youth in particular, make it neccessary for ppl. in high crime areas to be able to protect themselves. Is this really in dispute?

Anonymous said...

Four Truths:

1) Most of the country recognizes the wisdom in honest sane citizens being able to defend ourselves

2) Most of the world knows when you enter any wilderness where apex predators (Lions, Tigers, and Bears etc ) roam you are wise to be armed. i.e. Alaska - "You are allowed (it is strongly recommended) to carry a gun for protection in state parks

3) It is undisputed fact that the ultimate predator capability on this planet belongs to the HUMAN species. It is also a fact proven in reams of criminal statistics that for humans who are predators, attacking others is a way of life

4) Human Predators ignore the law and carry weapons for the advantage they gain in attacking victims. NO ONE cheers louder when honest citizen's 2nd Amendment rights are restricted or removed than the violent felon who knows that their victims will remain vulnerable!

Not everyone wants to, is capable of, or is willing to invest the effort to be an armed citizen - but for everyone who is armed we all become safer!