Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bill Clinton's ' Miffed' At Obama

Found this at Marc Ambinder:

Why Bill Clinton's Miffed At Obama
24 Jun 2008 03:53 pm

In politics, Hillary Clinton speaks for the Clinton family now, and aside from her campaign debt, she has no real difficulty supporting Barack Obama privately and publicly.

But Bill Clinton has a beef. A Democrat who has spoken directly to Clinton about his feelings said that the former president remains “miffed” for two reasons. One is that he feels that Obama’s candidacy was essentially an anti-Clinton candidacy; that Obama ran against Clinton’s presidential record at times, implying that it was timeworn, divisive, and damaging to the party while adopting policy positions that seemed to flow directly from the Clinton oeuvre. Why should Clinton embrace a guy who spent the past twelve months bashing him and his accomplishments?

Two: Clinton is convinced that the Obama campaign went out of its way to portray the former president as a racist. Clinton wants a private meeting with Obama to sort these things out; he has reconciled himself to the reality of Obama’s nomination and does not want to sit on the sidelines.

Well, ain't that a bitch.

Obama's campaign went OUT OF ITS WAY, did it?

Note to Bill Clinton - NO, HE DIDN'T.

No, he didn't call Hillary's campaign on 20% of the racial Dogwhistles pointed his way.

It's ridiculous.

I get it.

Black folk were just too dumb to pick up on all the Dogwhistles. If Obama and Company hadn't of pointed them out, then we would have just gone on clueless.

Uh huh.

So, I guess the ClintonAttacksObama Wiki was just a figment of our imagination.

Uh huh.

Nice try, Bill.

Just not buying it.

You're mad because you got caught. You're mad because this Uppity Negro beat you.

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Truthiz said...

"Nice try, Bill. Just not buying it.

You're mad because you got caught. You're mad because this Uppity Negro beat you."

Hear! Hear! I couldn't AGREE more!

Hillary LOST the Iowa caucus, Unexpectedly and by a HUGE margin, which sent the Clintons into panic overdrive!

Massa Bill, himself, then made the ruthless and calculated decision to STAB us (Black Americans) in the back by very publicly playing the “RACE” card to stoke White “fear” against the “BLACK” man who was winning the primaries.

But Barack is somehow to blame for Bill having shown Us his TRUE color_???!

LOL! Well, like any narcissistic EGOmaniac, Bill takes NO responsibility for his own twisted sh*t_AND he still thinks he can “play” the rest of us for fools!

The man is very bad business and I hope Barack keeps him, at least, 30 football fields AWAY from him and his campaign at all times!!!