Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama Opts Out of Public Financing System


The Obama campaign has 1.7 million donors. That IS Public Financing.

If you want to see the Video at his website, CLICK HERE

WHY did he opt out?

Because he has a serious advantage here. Because, for the first time in recent history, The Democrats have a serious money advantage.

While Obama has done his part to get most of the 527's to stand down, Senator Straight Talk is there saying that he can't control everything that The RNC does, let alone the GOP 527's.

Now, opting out of the Public Financing System,which means that Obama will be able to raise as much money as his donors will supply...

COUPLED with his devotion to putting into full throttle- The 50 State Strategy, which includes that voter registration drive in ALL 50 STATES...

means that Obama is playing serious offense.

He WILL force the GOP to defend places that they'd never thought they'd have to and spend money that they simply don't have. It's 'in-your-face' politics, and GOOD - the Democrats need to be playing that FINALLY.


Anonymous said...

Dear rikyrah,

Do you know that Al Giordano, The Field and the Fieldhands have left RuralVotes?

Our new host is NarcoNews:

rikyrah said...

I do know this.. I thought I had changed it on the blogroll. I'll check and see.

Brian said...

Sometimes you have to play the game in order to change it.

Obama would have clearly been at a disadvantage had he accepted public financing. The Republican Party (RNC) has more funds than the Democratic Party, plus they have more active 527 groups. They also have a strong media apparatus that the Democrats can't come close to duplicating.

This was a strategic decision that I hope pays off.

But in the long run, I would eventually like to see public funding mandated for all candidates, so that everyone starts from a level playing field. But in order for this to work, there would have to be limits on these so-called 3rd party 527 groups that are unregulated.... or better yet... they should probably be eliminated altogether.

The U.S. needs a Federal Election Commission that is truly independent and that has real authority so that a new system could be properly regulated.

McCain is spinning this to the max, saying that Obama went back on his word. Nonsense! Obama made clear that he would take public financing if certain conditions were met... he said that the two sides would have to sit down and hammer out a deal that was fair - meaning that the mysterious 3rd Party groups would be controlled. And since there is no mechanism to control these groups....and the DNC & RNC would not be starting with the same amount of cash... he chose to take the route that was best.

Obama's team needs to start responding to McCain's false putting Obama's earlier statements in the proper context. But as we go forward..they should break the habit of responding...and start spending more of their time on the offensive... setting the agenda for debate, and keeping McCain on his heels.