Monday, June 02, 2008

Child Rape Now Legal In State of Texas?

Texas Supreme Court Decides that Children Must Be Returned to FLDS

The Texas Supreme Court decided last week that children rescued from a Texas Ranch (where child rape was common) must now be returned, due to the fact that Texas Child welfare authorities did not have enough evidence to remove the children. Despite the fact that the FLDS rape victims were completely cut off from the outside World and were mentally conditioned to avoid non-sect members and to not seek help. In other words, this may have been one of the few opportunities to conduct a rescue. There won't be many other chances to do so. The children are being sent back into a situation where they will once again be cut off from the outside world, and that includes being cut-off from help. With the few reports trickling out of the FLDS sect over the past year or so we are probably seeing just the tip of a very big iceberg. Due to the secrecy of the group, there was likely a lot more abuse taking place inside the compound that authorities have not yet learned about or that they cannot confirm. But the Texas "High" Court (High indeed) saw fit to send the children back to the rape camp.Wonderful! This is another indication for me that America has lost its collective mind.

So child rape is now legal in the State of Texas. I love the State of Texas... and spent a few years growing up there. Beautiful State. But some of the people there are just downright crazy. It is a State that definitely has its own culture and tradition - A World unto itself. I understand that it is a very Conservative & "Live & Let Live" Libertarian State. In fact, that "Live & Let Live" culture was probably one of the reasons why the State was chosen as a site for FLDS activities, and ultimately the reason why the cult was left alone for so long, allowing for the open abuse of so many children. But this was no time for Libertarianism on the Texas Supreme Court.

Imagine a scene at a rape trial where the victim is ordered to go home with the rapist and to do what they say…. This is essentially the helpless situation that the children are placed in. Such a scene would be unthinkable in a rape case. But somehow it is acceptable in the FLDS cases. The Texas Courts have become enablers for the FLDS abuse. It reminds me of how the government was a silent enabler for the Catholic Priest abuse, typically choosing not to arrest child molesters and seek charges for their crimes. The Courts would often defer to the Catholic Church, allowing the Church to Police itself. That didn't work out so well.

Now, I understand that this whole thing was botched... The child welfare authorities screwed up, although they were in a horrible position. But the Prosecution royally screwed up in this case. The Prosecutors should have been guiding the process from the start so that this outcome could have been avoided. One huge mistake is that they apparently didn't submit all of the necessary evidence to the court- evidence that was actually available to them.

This is where the Courts must use a little common sense, particularly in a case where the victims are children who cannot defend themselves. I'm all for adhering to the Constitution, rules of evidence, and probable cause requirements. But just because the State didn't have all of its T's crossed shouldn't lead to a public safety risk. If photos of grown men kissing young children is not enough evidence for these Texas Judges, then I don't know what kind of evidence would be enough for them. Not to mention the underage children who were popping out babies even while in custody. Disturbing!

Message to Pedophiles from the Texas Supreme Court- You can come to the State of Texas and operate freely, without any scrutiny from the State Courts. All you have to do is set up your own religious community and cut your victims off from the outside World.

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