Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama Vice-Presidential Watch, Mirror On America Style

I read enough of these on other blogs, and I know that we've had a previous post, but now that we've had time to enter into the General Election campaign cycle, it's time once again to look at the possible Obama Veep-Stakes.

So, let's look at some candidates.

John Edwards - Four years later. It's not that he would even bring North Carolina, but in all the polls where they actually test out VP choices, he always, in the swing states, helps Obama by four or five points. If he maintains with the voice he found this time around, he would be an effective attacker against the GOP.

Ed Rendell - Pennsylvania. He proved that a Democrat could win. He's Jewish. On a personal front, I'm not down with anyone who ACTIVELY RACEBAITED with Hillary to be even considered.

Evan Bayh - My problems with him are the same as Rendell. While he didn't racebait, he was trying to cash in during ' Bittergate', accusing Obama of being elitist. I just thought the patent absurdity of Evan Bayh, who got NOTHING in his life without being helped by being Birch Bayh's Boy. He's been riding his Daddy's coattails every chance he got, and had the NERVE to accuse Obama of being an elitist. Plus, the latest polls from Indiana have Obama well within the margin of error, so why would he need Bayh. If Obama wants boring and safe, then Bayh is his guy.

Joe Biden -The way that Biden's been speaking up, he's been interviewing by being a good pitbull. He definitely shores up the foreign policy experience 'gap'. On the downside, Biden's been there in the Senate for 'forever', and while that might not be ' change', it would mean ' stability' and 'reassurance'.

Tim Kaine - Governor. Popular. Obama contemporary. Would mean a true generational shift. Roman Catholic and Pro-life (THIS could be the sticking point, i.e. judges), married to an equally accomplished woman. Kaine's endorsement was among the first from a state-wide elected officials outside of Illinois to endorse Obama for the Democratic Nomination.

Claire McCaskill - Good Obama surrogate. White female. Only gotten stronger in her attacks on Obama's behalf. From a swing state - Missouri. Also Roman Catholic.

Kathleen Sebelius- Governor. Has Ohio ties. Supporter of Obama early. Roman Catholic.

Jim Webb - So many plusses. Former Republican. Former Military Man. Had son in Iraq. Worked in the Department of Defense. Has totally a ' Don't #($* with me' attitude. Author of the new GI Bill. Sounds good on populist issues. Downside is that he would have to ' explain' past statements about women. He's a writer, and his books would be fairgame by the GOP. He so is his own man, and will not be controlled. But, a better attack dog could not be found. Plus, when I think of Webb, I think of the family picture, on the lawn of the Obama's Home in Hyde Park, and Webb will be the only White face in the crowd. Dunno if America's willing to take that.

Bill Richardson - have had Electoral College fantasies about an Obama/Richardson ticket from the moment Obama announced. On paper, Richardson was THE candidate. But, alas, I don't believe this country is ready for a Black and Brown ticket.

Brian Schweitzer - Governor of Montana. From a plains state. A Democrat in MONTANA. He has a 70% approval rating. He's a Roman Catholic. He also speaks fluent Arabic. He's always brought up on 'Progressive' blogs, so on the list he goes.

Janet Napolitano- Arizona would be in play, and force McCain to play defense in his own backyard. A woman candidate who won by huge margins in a state like Arizona means she knows how to run.

Chuck Hagel - would turn things on its ear. But, the only reason for this would be because of his stance on the war. I just have a hard time believing that Democrats would be ok with a Republican, and a pretty solid one at that, as the VP Nominee.


Truthiz said...

I think you’re take on the Pros-vs-Cons of the possible VP candidates you’ve listed are “spot on!”

And let me just say_(at the risk getting “the boot” from this site and any other Black site I frequent_lol)_like her or dislike her....

IF Barack is going to choose a woman for his VP, why not offer it to the woman who’s actually earned it, meaning Hillary Clinton?

The most obvious reason is BILL!

Which is why I don’t think he’ll choose a woman...but time will tell.

Jim Webb is still my first choice for VP and I still like Joe Biden for Secretary of State.

Truthiz said...

Ooops, I meant to say "your" take.

Anonymous said...

I am totally feeling Jim Webb.
He can appeal to the sensibilities of the "everyman" and those blue-collar democrats that were there for Hillary. I also think that he would "eat any republican" attack that comes Obama's way. Besides, he had great military credentials that should assuage any body's doubts about foreign policy.

Brian said...

Schweitzer is one that I had not listed before. I don't know how much he would bring to the ticket.

I think Edwards or Richardson would make pretty good choices. I don't think the fact that Richardson is Hispanic would necessarily hurt, although it might not help all that much in the South with working class white voters. If voters are willing to support Obama, then they shouldn't have trouble with Richardson. I'd be a little concerned about Edwards's limited government experience.

I'm surprised that Ed Rendell is anywhere in your vocabulary :). Under no circumstances should he be under consideration.

And Hagel would definitely shake things up. But I don't think he would take the job. There would probably be issues of compatibility.

Former Sen. Nunn is apparently getting a lot of scrutiny. He would make a pretty good choice. Obama will more than likely choose someone who is very seasoned, to balance his ticket. If he doesn't, the Republicans will pounce. It would give McCain an opening. The only candidate who might be able to overcome that is Edwards...just by his pure grit.

Brian said...


I don't like to think of this site as a "Black" site... I like to maintain a broader perspective here. And I can't kick anyone out for an opinion.

That being said... I will walk you to the door (j/k j/k). :)

I enjoy your participation in the comments area.

But mentioning Hillary really tests me. After her reign of psychological terrorism over the past 6 months, there is really no turning back for the way I feel about that woman. She even provided joy to Karl Rove with her antics.

Truthiz said...

My apology for the "Black" site reference AI.

And thanks for allowing me to stay_lol!

I'm no fan of the Clintons. Their behavior throughout the primaries was reprehensible and inexcusable!

And I hope, as time goes by, that Barack won't "need" to add Hillary to the ticket to help him win.

But he's gonna need a good number of her supporters to vote for him_and I'm thinking, why run the risk of angering many of them, again, by offering it to another woman when he has several "good" male choices to consider?!

Didn't mean to "test" ya IA_just thinking out loud...and now I'm done_lol!

BTW: IMO, Bill Clinton IS the "Karl Rove" of the Democratic party.