Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hillary " Deranged Narcissist" Clinton Concession Speech Open Thread

Well, it seems as if Hillpatine is going to pack it in.

I'll be honest- I'll believe it when I see it.

But, here's an Open Thread for discussion, because I definitely want to read your opinions on this.


This is how I feel, but Peggy Noonan wrote it:

But this I believe is the truth: America dodged a bullet. That was the other meaning of the culminating events of this week.

Mrs. Clinton would have been a disaster as president. Mr. Obama may prove a disaster, and John McCain may, but she would be. Mr. Obama may lie, and Mr. McCain may lie, but she would lie. And she would have brought the whole rattling caravan of Clintonism with her—the scandal-making that is compulsive, the drama that is unending, the sheer, daily madness that is her, and him.

We have been spared this. Those who did it deserve to be thanked. May I rise in a toast to the Democratic Party.


Andre said...

I have to admit: I was sure that Hill Spawn was going to throw her speech on the floor and declare her plans to run as Independent. But, I was wrong. At least, I hope I'm wrong...

Brian said...

It's hard for me to get excited about this announcement. Mainly because there have been too many false alarms already. You just never know when she is being genuine, or when she is playing another card.

But it appears as though this is finally....finally....finally the real ending. I think. I hope.

I'm not happy about her wanting Obama to help pay her debt, after she ran up the bills. I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago. Why should he have to take money out of his pot, or ask his donors to help her? There are things that she could have done that would have allowed her to stay in the race a little longer, but reduce her bills. But it doesn't appear that she took common sense steps... such as reduce staff, close offices, etc. Instead, she ran up the costs.

Obama will need all the money he can possibly get to have any real chance at beating John McCain.

Clinton really drained me...and soured me (more than I already was) about politics, and the corrupt American political process. I have never seen anything like this in my life. I knew that I was not crazy about this woman...and I saw her as having too much baggage. But I never imagined that she was that bad. She revealed herself in this campaign. Now I can't stand her.

And it has nothing to do with her having a vagina. I get so sick and tired of that card being played.
People who don't like Hillary don't like her because she can't be trusted.... is sneaky, conniving, backbiting, narcissistic. arrogant, and there is a little racism in there as well. Her gangster tactics and abrassive personality don't help either.

I'm just glad she is finally gone. But it remains to be seen, just how far out of the picture she will be.

Truthiz said...

The Clintons and all of the DRAMA that's so characteristic of them is "draining" to say the least_the very least!

But I have to admit that her concession and endorsement speech this afternoon was a great speech.

The obvious problem, of course, is that she and Bill have shown themselves (countless times) to be among the biggest LIARS and FRAUDS in modern political history_right up there with Bush, Cheney and Rove!!!

Did she mean even HALF of what she said?

Who knows?!

But time will surely tell.

Anonymous said...

I saw former Cliton consultant Dick Morris on "Hannity" (I love watching conservative idiots - pure entertainment), earlier today - he said although she "suspended" her campaign, she has not released her delegates. Interesting. Why is that? Morris thinks it's because she wants to hold on to her delegates to make sure Obama doesn't screw up within the next couple of months. Meanwhile, while she's telling everyone to back Obama, she has private investigators looking through his garbage. And I believe him.

"The Left"

Truthiz said...

IMO Dick Morris is _well_a "dick"...and a little "dick" at that!

I disagree with the primary reason "dick" gave for why Hillary's holding on to her delegates.

This is HILLARY CLINTON we're talking about; she and Bill are ruthless Opportunists!!!

She's NOT holding on to her delegates "to make sure Obama doesn't screw up".

She's holding on to her delegates JUST IN CASE Obama screws up.

She and Bill are PRAYING that Barack implodes by the date of the Democratic convention in late August so that it can be...

...Hillary Clinton to the rescue!