Monday, June 02, 2008

America's Most Adorable Cook, Now A Symbol of Terrorism

That's according to Neo-Conservative Bloggers. This is an example of the American sickness that I referred to several weeks ago. And the Country is probably in worse shape than I thought if Rachael Ray - an ultimate symbol of innocence....of the All-American girl next door - can turn into a Terrorist overnight. Hear a quick NPR Report.

Now I don't want to write ill of all Conservatives, because there is definitely a little Conservatism in my political DNA. But mainstream Conservatives should be embarrassed. American xenophobia has gone completely out of control. The ignorance is so great that I don't know if this Country will ever be able to dig out of this hole and return to some level of normalcy. 9/11 changed the Country forever...and not for the better. But in reality, 9/11 only exposed a deep seeded problem that existed long before those planes were flown into The World Trade Center & The Pentagon. The U.S. was so culture starved, and already had such a problem with its own domestic race issues that the Country was ripe for the kind of xenophobic hysteria that consumed it after 9/11. The gasoline had already been poured during decades of cultural isolationism. 9/11 only provided the spark.

Here's another story that I posted several months ago that I was reminded of when I heard about the Rachael Ray nonsense. (It is worth a listen, believe me).

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Andre said...

This is all starting to make sense. For a while, I thought when Rach was saying EVOO, she meant extra virgin olive oil. But after further review, I now realize that Evoo is Arabic for "Destroy the Infidels."

It's all starting to come clear.

*Shakes my head*