Saturday, April 07, 2007

Man Teaches 2 Year Old How To Use AK 47

The deterioration of young Black men continues to be evident in almost every image seen of the "black male". This is a very deep socio-economic, and cultural problem for African Americans.

Reports like this one out of Louisiana, don't give me much hope that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to jump through my computer monitor when I saw this....

Louisiana pawn shop manager Dan Reese said he never thought he'd see a diaper-clad two-year-old holding an AK-47

Some folks have no business with children. I hope the Department of Child Welfare is looking into this matter. As I have stated many times, parenting classes should be mandatory for EVERYONE capable of bringing children into this world.

Rebuilding a real value system in the Black community, Rebuilding the "Black Family", and providing parenting education to young people should be near the top of the list of priorities for the NAACP. But with this issue (as with other issues) the NAACP seems to be missing in action.

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This report reminds me of the case about a month ago with the thugs teaching toddlers (literally) how to smoke marijuana. We are hearing about these crazy stories more often- they are not just isolated cases. Instead, these are signs of a wider cultural crisis for Black folks. These are all indications that show that modern Black culture has basically been destroyed. This is not the result of one or two social issues...this is a result of a combination of factors coming together over a period of time.

And people wanted to get mad at Bill Cosby??? Cosby should be considered for a Nobel Prize for raising the discussion among Black folks...a discussion that others wanted to avoid.

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