Monday, April 02, 2007

Nursing a Terrible Cold!!!

Suffering from a serious Cold! Head Congestion, Sore Throat, Nose out of order, Headache, ugly cough, sore lungs, weak.... I have it all. It would be nice if I had a beautiful young lady- any one of my wifeys- to feed me soup (Alyssa Milano, Alicia Keys, Rachael Ray, Nicole Ari Parker, Bianca Lawson, Rachel True, Essence Atkins, Lark Voorhies, Nicole Lyn, Lisa Bonet, Gabrielle, Halle, Sanaa Lathan, Michelle Rodriguez.....any one ...or two.. of you would be great.) I may have to go to the ER for this one.... but I will try to see if it gets any better. I'm one of the millions of Americans who lack adequate health insurance, so I don't want to deal with Hospitals unless absolutely necessary.

I had a list of things to write about...but I doubt if I will get around to doing much posting for the next couple of days. Most of you who know my writing pattern know I do most of my posting at the beginning of the week....because what little free time I have is at the beginning of the week.

However... I have almost 900 posts in the archives. There are a lot of gem posts on this site.... documentary videos, audio documentaries, all kinds of interviews, music, political commentary, and my own writings (Check out "My DMV Nightmare"). A lot of the things I post here are not found on many other sites.

There is enough material on this site to last you a month.

Also check out the PBS documentary "The Insurgency". This is an outstanding program that you can watch online. There are dozens of other gems. Just use the blogs search feature.

I also hope to change the site around at some point.... It has been a year and 3 months with the same look. But I don't have the technical savvy that I would like to have. I would like to keep the functionality that I have now....but change the color scheme. I also want to keep all archives in tact.... The Dubois image is also a keeper. Why do I use the image? For one.... he was a Civil/Human/and Justice Rights advocate who's views are often close to my own. His struggle with race (from outside and from within) is a struggle that I relate to. His quest to make change through writing, fighting for what was right non-violently, through challenging the logic of racism & injustice, and fighting for change through good strategy and by trying to impact policy.... these are still the best ways to deal with injustice today. Not knocking the work of others.... protests have in the past been very effective. But those 50's and 60's protests (the effective ones) were often connected to a larger plan and strategy... seldom were they effective on their own, isolated from a larger vision.

I'm not an academic genius like Dubois, but I relate to his visionary spirit. And he was relentless and told the truth, and was Socratic in his approach...always asking important questions and stirring debate. MLK was great, but his image is too generic. Plus he was a religious figure. I prefer a more secular figure as the image for the blog. Booker T. Washington was great too.... Booker T. and Dubois were both right about their positions a Century ago....although Booker T. would be considered more Conservative today. And Booker T. Washington's image is used quite a bit already (Booker Rising). So Dubois was my choice when I looked for an image that would say a lot about my blog. Dubois' vision is still so relevant to what is happening today. Since I am an Independent (an Independent Progressive with a few Conservative Tendancies, lol)....Dubois was the better fit as a symbol of what I believe.

I will need some assistance figuring out how to improve the site and create a more mellow scene for the eyes. I picked the current template because I didn't know how to do my own....and because of its functionality& structure.... not because of the color. Pink or Rose color is not really me, lol.

I'm thinking Blue, Black, Brown (earthtones).... these are colors that I generally prefer.

I thought about Wordpress....but migrating a blog is way over my head. lol. I researched the blog migration process and found it to be far to complicated....too much labor involved as well.

So I will be staying with blogger. Also.... I don't care for Wordpress' functionality for authors.

Blogger is easier to work with IMO.


AAPP said...

I'm glad your back. Hope you doing better.

Brian said...

Yeah... i'm finally recovering.

I couldn't stay away for too long.