Monday, April 30, 2007

George Tenet Causes a Big Stir With New Book

Former CIA Director George Tenet, makes waves with his new book and his appearance on 60 Minutes. Watch 60 Minutes Interview Here. Even to this day Tenet seems to be conflicted, caught between his loyalty to Bush and his desire to protect his own reputation (under attack by the neo-cons). The book is light on criticism of Bush and instead zeros in on Dick Cheney and the neo-cons who were the puppetmasters behind Bush.

There was one comment that Tenet made that bothered me (just one of a few)..... The comment was that "The CIA does not torture".

Come on now George!!!

It has been pretty well established that some torture took place. We have had CIA operatives kidnapping people (some innocent) from all over the Middle East and Europe. Many have ended up in Cuba. Those released have confirmed that some torture took place.

Hear an award winning audio documentary about Gitmo prisoners. Several former prisoners tell their stories about life at Gitmo. The prisoners in the story were innocent. Some were sold-out to American troops by their countrymen so that the reportees could collect money. Keep in mind that Afghanistan was (and is) one of the poorest countries in the world. Therefore, the offer of money in exchange for "tips" led to a lot of false reports and innocent people being taken into custody and sent to Gitmo. This was one of the biggest flaws in the whole system. This led to a situation where interrogators were wasting their time talking to innocent folks.

The prisoners tell stories about how they were forced to tell interrogators what they wanted to hear in order to avoid being harmed. They also talk about some of the ridiculous questions that they were asked during the interrogations.

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Anonymous said...

If you really want to get angry read a book called THE TERROR TIMELINE by Paul Thompson (from HarperCollins). The book uses main stream media sources to track what did or did not happen in the events that lead to 9/11. It is amazing. Many foreign leaders and countries warned the administration,including Mubarak, Putin, and King Abdullah. The Bushies were asleep on the ranch. This book will wholly reconstruct your views. Thanks