Monday, April 09, 2007

Congressional Black Caucus Still Plans Fox Debate

The Congressional Black Caucus still plans to sponsor a debate in September, hosted by the Fox Network. This is a network that has had nothing but contempt for African American causes, and for Progressive efforts in general. Fox News has been one of the biggest mouthpieces for the Republican Party over the last decade- a position that the network has held proudly and openly. Over the years, Fox has acted as a huge Conservative filter, distorting news and assisinating the character of Progressive figures for political gain.

Yet, the CBC wants to give the network such a big ticket event. It makes absolutely no sense, particularly at a time when Democrats and Progressives are beginning to unify behind a movement to isolate the network by shunning it. By avoiding interviews and giving more access to rivals, Progressives can choke off Fox News over time.

The actions of the CBC run counter to this effort. Some say that the CBC is motivated by money.... which seems plausible. I have warned more than a few times that the CBC could not be fully trusted and that they don't have the best interest of their constituents in mind.

Luckily, several Democratic Presidential candidates have begun to shun the network. John Edwards, Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton are pulling support for the CBC event. The DNC (Democratic National Committee) has also pulled its support for this CBC sponsored event.
It appears that the outcry against the CBC is beginning to show at least some progress.

One of Fox News' ploys involves bringing black faces onto the network to push a far right, neo-Conservative agenda.

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