Friday, April 06, 2007

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Fundraising totals for the first quarter show that the money race is close for the most popular Democratic candidates. Obama is right on the heels of Hillary Clinton. By some measures Obama is doing better than Clinton, considering that he had twice the number of donors.

John Edwards is 3rd among Democratic candidates with a healthy $14 million.

But this obscene chase for money also shows the sickness of American Democracy. We essentially live in a system where leaders are selected based on who is the best fundraiser, rather than on the substance of the issues, the plans and platforms of the candidates, the track record, skill, charisma, and experience of the candidates, etc.

A system of publicly funded campaigns is desperately needed. In such a system, each major candidate would have the same amount of money. Candidates would no longer gain a huge advantage based on how many rich friends they have. This would go a long way towards leveling the playing field.

Public Campaign funding Needed

Article from Open

The University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee Says "Fair Elections Needed"


On a Related Note: Amy Goodman recently spoke with Congressman Dennis Kucinich on the Democracy Now program.

Kucinich: "This Isn't American Idol, We're Choosing the President of the United States" - Kucinich on Corporate Media Campaign Coverage

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