Friday, April 06, 2007

Thousands Expected For Pat Tillman Event

But What About Lavena Johnson?

Thousands are expected to take part in the annual Pat Tillman Run to benefit the Tillman Foundation.

However, another horrific Army death is not being covered at all by the mainstream Corporate media. Lavena Johnson was not rich or white. She was not a star pro-athlete who gave up a multi-million dollar NFL contract to join the U.S. Army. Lavena did not receive the hero send-off, nor the big fanfare upon the return home, like Tillman. And she certainly is not being immortalized like Tillman is today. Lavena did not make good propaganda footage for the Bush Administration.

But Lavena was a standout High School student...and was active in her church. She was also active in her community where she enjoyed helping others. She did the kinds of things that often go unsung.

Why is the Lavena Johnson case being overlooked by big media? Once again... (just like with the Darfur situation) this may be a case where the networks feel that the life of a Black individual is just not that important when compared to a Pat Tillman....a rich white man.... or even when compared to a white stripper for that matter.

I hate to bring up the issue of race.... and never intended to....but at this point race has to be looked at as a factor. It is pretty obvious that this is playing some role in this situation. Here we have a case that is more horrific than the Tillman case (as terrible as his case turned out to be). But not one story on it outside of the St. Louis Market. Essence Magazine covered the situation in a brief report...but there is only so much that magazine can do with such a limited market.

The BET Network? Bull**** Entertainment Television? PLEASE!!! If I could be President for a day.... one of the first things that I would try to do is close that disgraceful network down and arrest its executes for human rights violations.

This has been a story for only a few bloggers so far.... but I will keep pressing on.... as long as I have this canvas to work with....and as long as the story remains buried.

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Anonymous said...

Keep it going. She was a woman killed. No matter the ethnicity. But because she was black with no national long term support ie; night line, 60 minutes or an hour with Diane Sawyer is something to be concerned about in regards to race being the pin that popped the balloon. So sad.