Monday, April 30, 2007

Israel Naming Forest In Honor of Coretta Scott King

But do we want that "honor"? I say we because Coretta Scott King= us.....she is a representative & symbol of an entire segment of people in this country, whether the world likes it or not and regardless of whether the King family likes it or not.

This is a very dubious "honor", from a country who's practices have been widely described as Apartheid, in terms of how it deals with Palestians. Now, I am not saying that this is the correct or incorrect view...but the fact is, many DO hold this view, including a former U.S. President. And based on the conditions in Palestine, the analogy is probably at least partly true. There are some elements of Apartheid that can be found in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

See Report Here

I can't be 100% certain where Dr. King would stand on this issue if he were still alive. On one hand, we know that Israel & its vicinity, sits on sacred religious ground, of great importance to at least 3 major religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Dr. King, being a minister of the Christian gospel, may have appreciated having Coretta considered for the honor. However, there was another part of Dr. King that (I believe) would have told him to decline the honor, based on principles of Justice, his legacy of Civil Rights and his love for Peace.

This has to be one of the most awkward and ironic "honors" that I have ever heard of. Are the Israelis completely in the dark about what the King legacy is really all about? Are they doing this for their own purposes, to spruce up their own image? (This seems to be a good possibility).

The King family should not allow themselves, The country, or African Americans to be played on this issue. They should not allow Israel to use us in a way that makes us pawns in their dispute with Arabs (and much of the rest of the world). The Israelis are not stupid...they know full well that Martin and Coretta are powerful symbols of Peace and Justice around the world. Should Israel be allowed to co-opt this positive image?

The Palestinians (the people of color struggling under occupation) and poor people of color all over the world must therefore be confused about this "honor". Most believe that Dr. King would have been on their side in the struggle against poverty, Apartheid, racial and religious discrimination, unjust wars, colonialism, imperialism, military occupation, etc.

Of course the Congressional Black Caucus seems to be supporting the effort, completely overlooking Israels track record regarding the treatment of Palestinians. This kind of irony is just beyond strange to me. Did the CBC lose its collective mind on this issue? Have they forgotten their own history? If so, how quickly some of us forget. WE were the Palestinians not so long ago. Although, we didn't usually resort to violence.

Yes, Black Americans and Jews formed bonds throughout the years, however, Dr. King was a man of principle..... he was probably the most principled man that I know of. I don't think that he would have sat quietly while the Apartheid of Arabs took place..... not on his watch.

Money also seems to be part of this deal....according to the above report, which would help explain why the CBC is willing to sell the souls of black folks so easily.... and to play dumb on the question of what Dr. King stood for. I just think back to the last Israeli attack against Lebanon (attacking a nation for something that Hezbollah thugs did) and of all the hundreds of innocent men, women and babies that were slaughtered, mostly by Israel. I know in my heart and soul that Dr. King would not have been in support of that war. So the irony here is killing me.

This is also yet another strike against the CBC. The list of CBC mis-steps keeps piling up.

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Unknown said...

I appreciate the hell out of that, but that doesn't matter because I am a 58 year old, white woman, who watched, as a teenager, as blacks were beaten in the streets and worse.

Horrors happened where I lived and in surrounding areas. I can vouch for that.

Yep, I can boast of getting dis-inherited, countless times for expressing my views, which were inflamed by the Supremes being forced to use public facilities and private ones, "for blacks only."

Funny what finally sets someone off, pushes one over the edge, so to speak... isn't it?

I was a little too young for Rosa, but just right for Martin. He's the one I got disinherited about the first time. I consider that a high compliment now, as I did then

Didn't stop my brain, nor my heart.

Daddy stopped saying the "N" word, 20 years before his death, because he knew I was offended by it.

Little old me, his daughter. Imagine that.