Tuesday, March 28, 2006

White House Chief Of Staff Resigns

White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card resigned this morning. What does it mean?

Is the White House responding to the poor public opinion, or is it something else?

Could there be more to the story? Could this be a reaction to the Federal Criminal investigation of the White House that is currently taking place? Could Card be part of the investigation?

The reason I bring up these other possibilities is because the White House rarely responds to public opinion. They couldn't care less what the people think. Americans should know that by now. So that leaves only a few other possibilities (in my opinion).

The Bush administration typically only makes this kind of move when IT HAS TO. Often for some legal reason or because the person is so fed up with the administration and realizes that it is so bad that they have to leave.

Any other shake ups planned? It will be interesting to see. The only shake up that I really want to see is someone leaving in handcuffs. (We've actually already had that...but the mainstream State-run media was conveniently not on duty when those incidents took place).

Side note:

White House Officials who have been arrested already that I know of:

David H. Safavian- Chief of Procurment- Arrested in Connection with the ongoing Jack Abramoff/Republican Party Corruption Scandal.

Claude Allen- Domestic Policy Advisor

And that is what is known so far... this doesn't count criminals in the other Departments of government.... such as Defense, and State Departments.

This is by far the most corrupt government and political party in modern history.

So you almost have to look for a story under the story when someone like Andrew Card resigns.

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