Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bush Still Not Coming To Terms With His Governments Failed Foreign Policy

Bush, in a rare Press Conference yesterday, stated what people like me already knew.... U.S. troops will be in Iraq for years to come.

I stated that before the war even began. I knew that U.S. troops would have to be in Iraq for AT LEAST 5 years.

I also found it a little strange & interesting that he gave his rare press conference around 9 or 10AM when people would most likely be settling in at work, or still asleep...
Presidential Press Conferences are almost always held during prime time.... dinner time, when the American public can actually see the President. lol Interesting.

I am amazed that we still have dumb Americans who connect the war in Iraq to 9/11, when most educated people agree that there is no such connection because there is no link between the two events. There is also no logical link between Iraq and the so called "War On Terrorism".

I am also amazed that many Americans still believe that you can fight terrorism with Military power... when this is absolutely false. I knew that would be a failed approach from the start. It's like using a giant flame thrower to kill an ant. The use of military power has actually had the opposite affect, as I thought it would. Terrorism has grown over the past 5 years, because of U.S. foreign policy.

Follow story here... Bush declaring that U.S. troops will be in Iraq for years.

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