Sunday, March 05, 2006

New Zogby Report Finds That U.S. Troops Have Dramatically Changed View Of War In Iraq

U.S. Troops, usually the most militant, Gung Ho, Pro-War, and Pro-Republican, are now having a change of heart. Most Troops want to pull out of Iraq within 1 year. U.S. troops gave very strong unwavering support for the war in Iraq early on.

This study also points out something even more troublesome. It shows that 90% of soldiers believe that the Iraq war was retaliation for 9/11. This shows just how misinformed, uninformed, uneducated, and misled, and really brainwashed these soldiers are.

It has been made clear on several occasions, and by several different entities (including the F.B.I., CIA, and the 9/11 Commission) that Iraq was not responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Yet, the right leaning media, especially FOX news, helped to perpetuate this lie by suggesting that there was a link between Iraq and the 9/11 attacks. This was a major reason that this ignorance was allowed to fester among the American public, especially among the troops.
If you were someone who was not familiar with the world before 9/11, you could easily get confused about what was going on afterwards. This is what happened with the troops. The fact that 90% still hold that view is really troubling.

U.S. troops should be more educated and more aware of the world. This just supports the idea that most of these guys (and girls) really have no clue of where or why they are fighting and dying. That's the problem with allowing recruiters into U.S. High Schools. We put kids into schools that don't teach civics, don't teach world geo-politics, don't teach international relations, don't teach foreign policy, don't teach world history, don't teach world geography, don't teach world religion and culture, yet we allow them to be hunted by these recruiters who send them to wars that they, in turn, don't understand because the same system that sent them, has not educated them. This condition actually makes it easier for the recruiters to recruit these young people (in addition to other reasons such as a weak, hollow economy that operates off the backs of the working poor). It's almost as if the U.S. education system is designed to breed soldiers...soldiers who won't ask questions....because they have been miseducated and bred not to be curious. That's how it appears to me. Why else have they not educated young Americans? They know that with proper education, fewer will want to join the military. This is true because on one hand, such students would presumably have more options for higher education, and on the other hand, students will be more reluctant to join due to a more skeptical conscience brought about by their educational experience. If you're running a military industrial complex and you need warm American bodies to fill uniforms, one of the main things that you would want to do is dumb down the masses, so that they would be less resistant to joining, fighting wars and accepting propaganda. This is in fact what has happened to young Americans. They have been turned into little more than pieces of military equipment on a conveyor belt; almost dehumanized, in order to become these easily trainable fighting machines.

For Information on this Zogby Poll, here is a summary of the report.

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You hate America Lefties cannot stand to see us as the only Super Power left in the World. Your comments about young people not going into the services is specious and is yet another example of how your ilk would prefer that we approach the Arab terrorists with a "Neville Chamberlin approach ie surrender, surrender, surrender!