Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Supreme Court Justices Reporting Death Threats from Republican (Christian Right wing) Terrorists.
O'Conner states that the independence of judges to make decisions freely without intimidation and threat may become a thing of the past.

In my opinion, the U.S. is entering new territory. This fits a pattern of other events that show how the country is creeping further into something unrecognizable... like a third world religious country... like the former Taliban in Afganistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, or Iran. In our case, the push towards this new chaos, where rule of law is replaced by religious and emotional rule, is being led by the Christian Right Wing (Republicans).

This is part of a larger war against the judicial branch by Religious Right Wing Conservatives. They are at war with the judicial branch throughout Federal and State governments, impacting numerous judges. During the Terri Schiavo controversy, the judge in that case was threated several times. Luckily arrests were made. But the Religious Right-wing nuts have shown no signs of let up. In fact, they have become more active. This is creating a dangerous situation for the country.

They are at war with the judicial branch because this is the only branch of government that they do not yet control. The judicial branch is the only thing standing in the way of their complete dominance over the lives of Americans.

Follow the latest story here... incredible & frightening story showing where the country is headed!! I had to reassure myself that this was still the United States of America...After all, we usually hear about this kind of sick stuff in chaotic third world countries. In places like Columbia, Mexico, Egypt, Turkey, Central America, and Africa, judges and opposition figures are routinely murdered by those in power. Could this now be in the cards for the United States? All indications show that this kind of lunacy, led by Right Wing Christian terrorists, is not far off for the U.S.

This is further proof of the religious radical country that the U.S. is becoming.

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