Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Independent Media In A Time Of War

Amy Goodman lays down the law and tells the truth about the link between corporate media and government, and how it plays a part in selling war to the American public. In the Video Documentary "Independent Media In A Time Of War", Amy Goodman talks about the problems with major media news organizations.

This is one of the main reasons why this country is in the situation that it finds itself in today. War has been packaged for the American people as entertainment. Americans don't really know war, or real pain and suffering; certainly not as a nation. They see war through the lense of American corporate media. Americans don't see the death and destruction that they cause. This makes it easier for Americans to have an apathetic attitude, or we don't give a damn attitude about how U.S. policies impact other people around the world. War has been turned into a video game for these people. The human part of war has been taken out of the discussion for most Americans.

She also talks about the lack of independent reporting, and how the consolidation of media companies is quickly eliminating a diversity of viewpoints. This leads to tunnel vision or "group-think" in American news reporting, where everyone in the industry is trying to report the same thing and seem eager to report the government view rather than engaging in real reporting and challenging such information. This is what reporting is supposed to be about, but sadly, this is not what is happening in the U.S. right now. This has basically led to a State Run media system in the United States.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Now, for the first time, I understand why the left is so believing in the total incompetence of the Bush Administration. Havng been in charge of the media and directing it to be so unsupportive of the effort in Iraq, running the "Casualty of The Day" report, the Katrina reporting, etc., I think that the incompetence case is finally being made.
Allowing the management of the NYT to print the stuff they print?
No doubt about it. Sheer incompetence.
Can't wait for more info on the "real" cost of war and other points from someone who has "been there" like this host.
Defnitely a fresh voice in the liberal universe - bound to change a lot of minds.
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